Students Exceptional Performance at Success Academy Shows Consistent Pattern


Success Academy opened the network’s newest pre-kindergarten program within three of its charter schools during the fall of 2015 allowing 72 additional students to attend during the 2015-2016 school year.


The students attending the charter school have made a pattern of exceling in their test scores. Recently over 4,000 of the students who were eligible to take the proficiency tests achieved top scores in math, science and English. Those math scores resulted in students ranking in the top one percent within all schools in the state of New York.


This is repeated high performance that Success Academy students have consistently been able to reach and accomplish results that city officials can support, with pride, of the charter program. The pattern is a repeat performance of recent years, when seven out of the state’s 15 top performing schools in math proficiency were Success Academy charter schools. In 2014, students achieved an astounding 93.9 percent proficiency in the common core math exam. In 2016, the results were identical at 94 percent proficiency. This pattern of consistency is unprecedented for any school to achieve, especially since 76 percent of the students are coming from low-income families.


The remarkable consistency by the Success Academy student’s hard work and outstanding effort is a testament to the commitment of the teachers. The students continue to receive individual learning with teachers devoting 80 minutes to each student after their instructional-teaching to the entire classroom. This type of innovative approach to the student’s academic learning has proved over time that students excel in that type of environment and become more engaged.


While other students in the state of New York are achieving to the best of their ability and with great effort, the students of Success Academy are performing at a higher level because of a quantifiable ownership of their independent expectations. The students of Success Academy have been instilled with a sense of high esteem, and the pride for reaching personal expectations, which cannot be seen within test scores.


Success Academy continues to strive for excellence and provide students the greatest foundation for building a limitless future.