Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Springtime is synonymous with warm weather, blooming flowers, and of course, a massive urge to clean. Though everyone has their own system for cleaning, plenty of sources cite popular tips and tricks for making the process easier.

A smart idea to begin with is to target the high volume, major problem areas. If there are stains, cracks, or excessive dust in an obvious location, get it out of the way before anything else. It will feel like real progress and eliminate a potential future irritant.

If choosing to clean the outdoor area of the house, do not put as much emphasis on details as the inside. Giving the exterior of the windows a thorough scrubbing will make the glass gleam. For the rest of the house, use a hose and focus on the locations where dirt builds up. It will save a lot of time, but still result in a noticeable difference.

As popular as spring cleaning is, it may not be everyone’s forte or something everyone has time for. Luckily, there are professional cleaning services that do an excellent job year round. One such company is Handy. Founded in 2012 by two graduates of Harvard Business School-Oisin Haanrahan and Umang Dua- Handy provides a wide range of services from handymen, cleaner, assemblers, and a variety of electrical and plumbing professionals.

Handy is located in cities around the world. Clients are able to search online for the service they require and book an appointment for as soon as 24 hours later. All employees at Handy are highly trained and thoroughly vetted before being hired, so customers can know that they are getting the most bang for their buck. However, if unsatisfied Handy provides a 100% Money Back Gaurentee. Handy helps connect people around the world with the services they need to get their home in tip top shape.

Whether a veteran of spring cleaning or too intimidated to give it a go, there is always a way to get the cleanest home possible.

Tiger Woods believes he can win The Open

Tiger Woods may have fallen down the world rankings of golf to number 241, but he still believes he has a chance of winning his 15th major when The Open Championship begins at St. Andrews. In an interview with the BBC Woods stated he would be setting out to win the tournament and return home with the famous Claret Jug trophy. When asked if he would be happy to finish in the top five as he begins another Homejoy comeback, the 39 year old stated he would not receive the most famous trophy in golf for finishing in the top five.

39 year old Woods has not won a major since 2009 and stated he has finally recovered from the various physical problems that have hampered his performances over recent years. In 2014, the 14 time major winner underwent back surgery and has been forced to change his swing to avoid any further problems being encountered with his back. The three time Open winner still believes he could win this year as St. Andrews is reported to be his favorite golf course and he recorded his best score of the years just two weeks before the tournament is due to begin.