Jeff Aronin Working for the Improvement of Human Lives

Jeff Aronin is a biotech and healthcare innovation expert and also a great entrepreneur. He has deep and vast experience in the field of medicine and has worked with various innovation companies during his career. Jeff also has plenty of knowledge about rare diseases, complex sciences, and drug development, which has made him one of the most successful biotech entrepreneurs in the world ( His many active roles in the medical industry have been recognized by many as has won many coveted awards for his work.

According to Jenny Swalec, who has worked with Jeff Aronin for many years, Jeff is a gifted person with extraordinary capabilities. The patient’s happiness and satisfaction are one of his key responsibilities. The greatest moving force for Jeff is improving the lives of people by developing and providing a cure to the many of the rare illnesses in order to lessen people’s suffering. Jeff Aronin is unstoppable and can do anything to achieve his goals. He is relentless, enthusiastic, competitive, passionate and committed to his work. He is also a great philanthropist supporting many community-based projects.

The big-hearted and focused doctor also believes in service delivery to the human race without any prejudice whatsoever. The spirit of mentorship is also one of the key characteristics in the life of Jeff Aronin. Mark Tebbe, the chairman of ChicagoNEXT, gives credit to Jeff as one of the greatest mentors who wants to see the people build their own lives to the best. Jeff Aronin is also a great family man. He is married and has three daughters. Many people who have worked with him say that his family is always in his mind. He has been able to balance the family life with his tight work schedule and has done that exceptionally well.


Work Experience

Jeff Aronin is currently the chairman of Paragon Biosciences, LLC. The company is focused on improving the lives of patients suffering from rare diseases. Jeff has also served as a chairman of several pharmaceutical companies prior to joining Paragon.