Growing Anti-Semitism in the United States, According to Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein, author of Jewish blog, asserts that anti-Semitism is on the rise and there are many examples in modern society of this going on. Muslims typically blame Jews for being “evil Zionists”, asserts Adam Milstein, who are “all-powerful and are the root of all problems” in the middle east.

In an example of this, Linda Sarsour who is hailed as the leader of Women’s March in D.C. and who supports Muslims, supports a form of Muslim law named “sharia law” which in reality advocates for the stoning of women and gays. Women are also told to hide their hair under vails, according to the Islamic faith.

Extremists nuts such as Sarsour also held a “jihad against Trump” speech where she gave praise and thanks to Siraj Wajjah, who was one of the main people involved in the ‘93 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York. Moveover, she praises the way in which Saudi Arabia treats women.

Sarsour aside, There are many examples on college campuses of anti-Semitism that go on. At Tufts University, there is such thing as a “disorientation guide” which advocates for students to call Israel a “white supremacist” place. And even at the esteemed NYU / New York University, a condemnation of Israel occurs 55 times compared to the number of times that Trump or “white supremacy” is mentioned.

Then in Chicago at the Chicago Dyke March, which is meant to support the LGBT community, Adam Milstein states that many supporters were thrown out for having an Israeli Star of David on their flag.

And even another example in Chicago, at a rally meant to oppose sexual assault where some Jewish ralliers decided to join and were instead thrown out and asked to join the speech by Rasmea Odeh: a Palestinian terrorist convicted of killing two Jewish students.

Jews living in Iran even saw the writing on the wall and emigrated quickly to the United States in the 1970s before things escalated and got more radicalized over there, Adam Milstein goes on to say.

Thor Halvorssen Fights For Human Rights Around The Globe

Human rights advocate Thor Halvorrsen is the champion of the powerless. The tireless advocate, born and raised in Venezuela, comes from a long line of freedom fighters that dates back centuries.Halvorrsen is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorresen has made many contributions to the promotion of civil liberties, human rights and public policy. He has been championed by The New York Times, The Economist and Time Magazine for his work around the globe.

Halvorrsen began his human rights activism in 1989 as a teenager. In London, he was one of the first people who organized a protest against apartheid in South Africa. Speaking out is something that is in Halverrsen’s blood. Both his mother and father have paid the price for upholding the rights of others. His Norwegian father was imprisoned for speaking out against the Venezuelan government. His mother was shot while protesting.After seeing so much unrest regarding human rights, halvorrsen opened the Human Rights Foundation in New York. “All people should have due process and their rights preserved,” said by Thor Halvorrsen. The foundation has helped secure the release of many political prisoners around the world.

As a producer, Halvorrsen is currently working with director Brian Singer on the adaptation of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. The science fiction novel, by Robert Heinlen, will be produced and directed by Singer. He is also working with author Kurt Vonnegut on an adaptation of his short story Harrison Bergeron.Halvorrsen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. He currently divides his time between New York and California.

The Most Important Organizations Created by Thor Halvorssen

The Human Rights Foundation

Founded in 2004, the Human Rights Foundation is dedicated to empowering oppressed people and helping them resist oppressive governments. It is where Halvorssen does the majority of his work and it has given the most notability to his name. For the most part, the Human Rights foundation focuses on specific cases of injustice or oppression, for example a political prisoner, and advocates for individuals involved in that specific case. This allows Halvorssen to have an impact even when he is unable to perform direct action.11)

Foundation For Individual Rights In Education

In 1999, Halvorssen took on the role of executive director for FIRE. Devoted to finding ways to defend civil liberties in academia, this organization is specifically devoted to promoting a college environment conducive to expression of political opinions without censorship. In recent years, many college campuses have taken on a distinctively left wing biased view and discouraged opinions differing from this world view. Halvorssen’s work at FIRE has helped to improve the situation, but the fight is still ongoing. Across America, college campuses are still using speech codes to stifle supposedly offensive speech.

Moving Picture Institute

One of the most important methods Halvorssen uses to support human rights is film. He created the Moving Pictures Institute to promote movies that advance his agenda. For the most part these movies consist of documentaries Halvorssen has created in order to highlight important human rights abuses, but some of the films are also fictional. Occasionally he’ll make a movie that has nothing at all to do with human rights such Indoctrinate U, a movie about political bias on college campuses. With both artistic and political aspirations, it’s easily one of his most influential creations.

Oslo Freedom Forum

The Oslo Freedom Forum is an event sponsored by the Human Rights Foundation that focuses on ways to unite and organize the global movement for human rights. It is hosted by Halvorssen in the country of his father’s family, Norway. At these forums he spreads awareness to the causes he finds important and rallies support for the fight against oppression.