Ara Chackerian Digs in on the Need to Conserve the Wilderness

According to Ara Chackerian, the need for conservation cannot be overemphasized. He believes that the wilderness is an essential part of human existence. Mr. Chackerian emphasizes the urgency and the need to conserve the wilderness for the benefit of both the present generation and future ones. He explains that the wilderness is a large ecosystem that cannot be captured with a single word description. He believes that the world still has a chance to salvage the wilderness and ensure that it plays it naturally intended role.



How the Wilderness balances Life



According to patch, Ara Chackerian is a renowned businessman and philanthropist. He has a passion for using the natural resources that forests and the wilderness avail for use by humans. As mentioned earlier, Ara Chackerian has many talents. He is an experienced conservationist and particularly focused on forest conservation. He observes that there is an urgent need to educate the communities regarding conservation and to include them in policy formulation regarding the subject of conservation. He believes in the responsible harnessing of forest resources to sustain the wilderness. Further, he points out that conservation efforts should be well planned to forestall the unfortunate devastating effects of natural catastrophes such as fires and droughts. He advises that by carefully harvesting and harnessing trees, the wilderness serves humanity without negatively affecting the ecosystem. Humans use the wilderness for recreation and sporting activities; the commercial aspect of tourism notwithstanding. Thus, the wilderness is an asset too good to take for granted.




Ara Chackerian; Brief



He is a man with many caps. So, it is not possible to capture his personality and everything he has done in a single article. Nevertheless, some outstanding aspects of Ara Chackerian are summarized in this piece. He is one of the founders of TMS health Solutions. Ara Chackerian is a business person, an investor, a renowned philanthropist and a lover of things natural. He manages ASC Capital Holdings. The company has a special focus on investing in health companies that are just starting. Ara sits on the Board of Directors of TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian believes in entrepreneurship and investment as actions that can improve the state of humanity. He has a special bias for companies that develop and share technologies in the health sector. Ara Chackerian has spent a large part of his life building companies in the health sector. Yu can visit for more details.



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Kate Hudson’s “Fabletics” Opening Up To 100 Stores


Kate Hudson’s popular active wear fashion line Fabletics has plans to open around 75-100 stores, according to an article published by Racked. Fabletics has already opened up to seven store locations across the United States, giving buyers the chance to try on their fashionable athletic wear in person. In addition to being able to try on new styles, store associates will be there to answer any questions about the Fabletics website and subscription service.

The Fabletics website offers your first full outfit for only $25 when you sign up for their VIP subscription based service. After signing up, you will take a short quiz in order to determine your unique style and interests. Every month you can shop and receive a new outfit based on those results for $49.95. There are countless options for every lifestyle, with new styles released every month. As part of the VIP membership, shoppers also have the option to skip a month of their subscription if they wish. In addition to the online store, there is now a Fabletics mobile phone app that allows you to order and manage your subscription on the go.

Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics with JustFab’s Co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg after realizing that high quality and trendy active wear is often inaccessible to many people because of high prices. Hudson wanted to create a line of active clothes that boasted great quality with an affordable price. Combining inexpensive and personalized active wear with an easy, worry-free subscription based service is what makes Fabletics successful. Since the company was created in 2013, it has offered shipping to select countries in Europe, Canada, and Australia and has even launched a men’s line called FL2. The Fabletics brand remains a refreshing change of pace in the athletic clothing world in 2016.

The Fabletics website and any additional information about Kate Hudson’s new active wear line can be found here. Like them on Facebook.

Visual Search Changes Retail Experience

Imagine watching your favorite show and being able to instantly shop anything you see. Well, the idea will be reality before you realize. Slyce Inc. continues to perform as the leading presence in the visual search and recognition industry. The company is headquartered in Toronto and has created a name for themselves as being the “The Want Engine” in the retail and e-commerce space.

Slyce’s client acquisition include Fortune 50 company with an inventory of over 1.3 million products, among them are Toys”R”Us, Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, and Tilly’s. Its visual search platform integrates with retail brands and digital content providers and provides their customers an innovative way to discover by simply clicking images or products and making instant purchases over their mobile devices or on their desktop browsers.

Craves integrated with Slyce visual search technology has just been launched, a boutique fashion discovery app for iOS that uses advanced visual search. Craves is live to the public today and is a free download on iTunes. Google Shopping is being challenged by the visual bookmarking and search service Pinterest. Craves arrive at the right time which serves as a better tool for product discovery for consumers and connects them to trusted retailers and products they can buy now.

Visual search offers an advantage over keyword search. It is able to identify color, shape size and even text to identify brand and product names. It takes that convenience to the next level and cuts to the chase. If you see a product that you like and instead of asking where they bought the item, simply take a picture. Save the results in your app, no need of trying to remember the product or going to in-store to see if it’s available. Now with the visual search technology, you are able take a picture and have the search delivered to you instantly on your mobile device and buy it in seconds using your phone. We believe that visual search is going to change the retail experience forever.