Ricardo Guimaraes And The Award For His Leadership

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The City Hall Recognition

One of the latest news you could learn today about Ricardo Tosto Guimaraes is the fact that he’s right now the businessman and president being presented with the City Hall Diploma Honor to merit, last April 18 of this year. Mr. Ricardo is a native of Belo Horizonte, and the fact that he’s able to receive the award despite the challenges of his roots proves that he can really be anything that he wants to be.

The event of honoring Mr. Ricardo was such an honorable experience, and it was attended by the President of the House, Daniel Nepomuceno, who took the lead on the ceremonies. He even added that it was such an honor to be able to give the award to someone as outstanding as Mr. Ricardo.

It is also the president’s belief that Mr. Ricardo proves to be one of the leading entrepreneurs today who have the guts and talents to always stay on top. He also thanked Mr. Ricardo for all the help that he gave for all these years.

About Ricardo Guimaraes

One of the executive info that you should learn about Ricardo is the fact that he was once the head of the BMG financial institution, which right now is controlled by the Pentagon Guimaraes family. It is also pertinent to say here that this family has been instrumental in shaping Brazil’s financial industry since the family started its ventures in 1930. Ricardo was also part of the growth of Banco de Credito Predial SA, which was later renamed to be Banco de Minas Geries.

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Ricardo Tosto- A Leading Lawyer in Brazil

Although not a very large number of Brazilian lawyer are approved to practice law, it is estimated there over 3 million lawyers in the country who bear law degrees but have not undergone the necessary process of approval by the Brazilian bar association. This is the body that regulates law in the country. For anyone to be allowed to practice law in the country, they must have complied with the regulations set out by this body. It has the mandate of accepting and penalizing lawyers for misconduct. Law professionals in the country are held in high regard by young people in the country. It is one of the prestigious courses that one would take.

What does it take for one to be a lawyer in Brazil? For one to be a lawyer in Brazil, they must comply with the regulations of the Brazilian bar association. As the regulator of the legal profession in the country, it has a responsibility of ensuring that only the best and ethical lawyers are allowed to practice in the country. There are regulations that guide local lawyers who have been to law schools in the country, and there are regulations for international lawyers who would like to practice in Brazil. The process of approval starts with one going through a five years law degree program in a university that is recognized in the country. After that, one is required to join a law school where they must sit and pass the bar examination.

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Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is one of the best brains in the country. His influence as a lawyer has been promoted by his ability to win cases for his clients. Ricardo Tosto has built a name based on his ability to study cases keenly and ensuring that justice is granted in the quickest time possible. He is determined to see his clients get justice with no delay. Ricardo Tosto is part of the team that founded the largest law firm in the country.

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The Outstanding Brazilian Attorney: Ricardo Tosto

Law as a calling is very basic in Brazil. The individuals who have made it in the nation as legal counselors are very trustworthy as they shape the arrangement creators. The nation has a few graduate schools that are accountable for ingraining the correct training to empower understudies to hone enactment effectively. The way toward turning into a legal advisor with the ability to practice completely includes getting through the Bar examination. This exam, both in various decision tests and composed frame, takes after the directions of the Orders of Attorneys in Brazil. Every one of the understudies need to experience this exam whereupon they graduate to wind up noticeably confirmed legal advisors. The order to rehearse is offered by the Bar Association from the focal government in light of the Brazilian constitution. The legal advisors in Brazil may locate a hard time contemplating the Latin law which is very intricate and incorporated. Be that as it may, the outcome is compensating with the capacity for a legal counselor to rehearse in tremendous fields.

One of the people who have experienced this procedure to wind up noticeably a legal advisor looked upon in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Other than being an attorney, Ricardo Tosto is likewise a strategist that makes approaches for organizations and the legislature. He is an incredible advisor and is drawn nearer by a few people on lawful issues. Acquiring from his experience, he gives them the information to enable them to settle on right choices for individual and financial advancement.

Mr. Tosto learned at the Mackenzie-SP and had since been related with the law business industry. A portion of the fields where his administrations incorporate bank contracts, legal recuperation, business rebuilding and liquidation issues. Notwithstanding that, he has likewise participated in the discretionary law. Under that docket, his customers incorporate government officials having issues with their decision procedure or battles. Mr. Tosto exhorts them as needs be and offers arrangements with which to approach their obligations effectively and legitimately.

Mr. Tosto is an individual from the Bar Association both in Brazil and its worldwide partners. It, in this way, demonstrates Ricardo Tosto is likewise perceived in the universal lawful stage. At the Center of Studies of Law firms, he filled in as an individual from the board. In the meantime, he was likewise appended to the HR Network Center as a consultant and executive to the Private Security Network Foundation. He regularly composes lawful daily papers, articles and diaries dispersing his strategies and in addition giving lawful exhortation to general society.

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Reviewing Comparative Law And Its Uses In Modern Times

Every society is led by systems that follow laws and guidelines. In the presence of these guidelines, everyone is able to understand their role and to follow the right processes whenever they want to accomplish something. Laws define everything and protect the rights of every person, reason most societies that live without laws are chaotic and disorganized. Law experts from every part of the world will agree that getting to control a huge population is not easy and all the laws that are drafted to perform this role have to be perfect enough to prevent the occurrence of conflicts.


The first step to having a successful governance system is getting laws that are unique and highly developed to cater for the needs of the people. In the process of drafting laws, experts are invited from different jurisdictions to contribute to the process and to offer ideas for improvement. While this may seem a perfect idea, it could cost a lot of money and the time spent before the final draft is submitted could range within 10 years. No one wants to wait that long for solutions to current problems, so governments of today use comparative law, which is a way better option for the constitutional development process.  Follow Choundry’s blogs by visiting his instagram.com page.


While engaging comparative law, professionals are sent to a different jurisdiction, where they are able to learn about different laws and their impact to the system. Once they get the feedback, they can use the information to perfect the laws at home or even come up with a new copy. Comparative law supports the development of strong and reliable structures since most of the ideas borrowed are tested and verified.  Click This Page


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry, one of the leaders in the law fraternity, is a renowned comparative law advocate and professor of law, who has been serving various units of governance across the world. He is the brain behind the development of useful laws for countries like South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, Libya and Jordan. He has been working as a consultant on matters constitutional development and governance.


Additionally, Sujit Choudhry has authored books and journals addressing a number of problems in the modern systems of governance. His research dwells on constitutional development and coming up with ideas for the seamless transition process of governments from violent conflict to lasting peace. Sujit Choudhry acquired his law degrees from the Oxford University, Harvard and Toronto and was once a Rhodes Scholar.