Stunning Performances of Anil Chaturvedi in Banking

Anil Chaturvedi enrolled at Meerut University located in India for his undergraduate studies in Economics. His exemplary performance enabled him to graduate with Honors in his degree. Later on, he joined the Delhi University, School of Economics in 1973 for his Master’s in Business Administration.

His career began to take the course he landed himself a prestigious job at the State Bank of India as the Branch Manager of the company. Anil Chaturvedi served the institution diligently for close to four years, 1987- 1991. While at it, he helped in marketing for the firm as well as executing strategic plans in most of their operations. He managed to influence many Indians who visited the United States of America leading to profits of more than $500 Million in about four years. The excellence in performance earned him an accolade, Man of Year Award.

He also served as the senior representative and the deputy for the United States of America at ANZ Grindlays Bank. Here, he worked from 1991 till 1993. The New York-based firm enabled to expand his knowledge and skills in leadership and other market disciplines.

All these experiences prepared him for his current position at Hinduja Bank, Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi is the Managing Director and joined the firm in 2011. He serves by offering his strong skills in excellent private banking which the company thrives in. Before joining Hinduja Bank, Anil Chaturvedi was recruited for a Managing Director’s position at Merrill Lynch International Banking Company. He improved the performance of the company from 1993 till 2011 when he got a transfer. His contributions to the firm and the efforts of his other colleagues elevated the rankings of the company as the best private bank serving Indians living in India, United States of America, Asia, and Europe.

Anil Chaturvedi has been practicing his career for over forty years. He has entirely worked for highly performing international banks, and as of now, he is well equipped with knowledge and skills in different banking disciplines. They include private and corporate banking, corporate advisory, investment banking and much more. Indeed, it takes integrity and commitment for one to excel in their career.

McDonald’s OSI Group Remarkable Achievements

As the President and COO at OSI Group (a privately held global food processing company), Mr. David G. McDonald has a wide and distinguished career spanning many decades in the professional food industry. He serves as Director of OSI International Foods (Australia) and holds a prestigious degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Mr. McDonald has been a proud Director and Chairman of several major food organizations throughout the United States, Europe and Brazil.

In 2012, OSI listed four OSI Group affiliates (including two partnerships) as best in sustainability suppliers in five different major projects! A noteworthy example was OSI Food Solutions of Europe, for its animal welfare initiatives which helped reduce foot pad lesions in chicken. Elsewhere in the Philippines, GenOSI (an OSI partner), helped provide welfare officers with proper training for animal care and safety. As another example in Taiwan, K&K Foods (an OSI Partner), helped to develop an excellent working model of wastewater recycling / reuse projects to purify, reuse, and repurpose used water. This works in line with Mr. McDonald’s noble objectives in environmental preservation and the conservation and safe handling of chemicals and pesticides. Celebrating well over 20 years in the Chinese market alone, in 2008 some 113 tons of beef, chicken, pork, eggs and dehydrated onions received zero complaints from China!

Furthermore, the acquisition of Baho Food (a Dutch Manufacturer) has empowered OSI in leveraging a broader presence in European markets. McDonald’s states that “The Company’s [Bahoo Food] portfolio of products and brands compliments OSI’s current strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” Indeed with so many incredible accolades in his proud portfolio, it’s amply clear that David McDonald OSI Group and his OSI organization are leaders in compliancy and safety for the global food industry.

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Introducing Dr. Scott Rocklage, A Leader Within the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Scott Rocklage has spent over three decades within the healthcare industry. Dr. Rocklage received his bachelors degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He continued his education at MIT, where he received his Ph.D. in Chemistry and engaged in laboratory research under Nobel Prize winner, Richard R. Schrock. Under Scott Rocklage’s management expertise and leadership capabilities, his efforts led to the FDA’s successful approval of three new U.S. drug applications, Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan.


Scott joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 as a Venture Partner, and in 2004 he became the company’s Management Partner. 5AM Ventures focuses on offering seed money and investments to clients within the world of biopharmaceuticals and medical technology. Finding solutions and pushing innovation within the life sciences, supporting biomedical technology, and working closely alongside firms of interest is key to 5AM Ventures. Dr. Scott Rocklage has a lengthy history of holding various leadership responsibilities and titles within the healthcare industry. He was the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmeceuticals, and formerly served as the Board Chairman for Novira and Relypsa companies. Dr. Rocklage was also the former Executive Chairman of Miikana, Ilypsa, and Semprus. All of these companies have since been acquired by other companies within the pharmaceutical industry.


Dr. Scott Rocklage, in addition to his history within the healthcare industry as a strategic leader who gets pharmaceutical drugs into and beyond testing phases, is also an inventor or co-inventor of over 30 different patents within the United States. He has been noted in over 100 various peer-reviewed publications.