Covering The Lips With Gloss



This is a gloss that has an amazing shine. It comes in a few colors with pink and peach being the most popular. There is a soft applicator that makes it easy to apply the gloss on the lips. A bonus is that the product is also a stain, adding a bit of color to the lips while giving a shine as well. There is a bit of a creamy consistency with the product, which helps to provide more protection for the lips if you’re outside for extended periods of time.



The company has one of the best lip gloss products called Butter Gloss. It goes on the lips like melted butter and gives a shine like none other. There are a few dazzling colors, such as purple and mauve. With a dozen shades, you can get everything from a slight shimmer to delicate color on the lips with this dazzling lip gloss.  You’re going to look Megan Fox hot after this.