Dr. Mark McKenna Announces His Latest Venture In Atlanta

Dr. Mark McKenna is an Atlanta, Georgia, entrepreneur. His latest venture is a business called OVME which will be located in the Buckhead area of this city which is this city’s commercial and financial center. He says that his company will deliver what he calls a “medical aesthetic experience” like no other. At OVME people will be able to undergo minimally invasive procedures in order to look and feel better.

The OVME offices will have four private treatment rooms in it that Dr. Mark McKenna has described as luxurious. OVME will be open for business in March and he is presently equipping it with the latest technology in the industry. He says that the cosmetic surgery industry has gotten stale and his plan is to shake it up by reinventing elective healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of the Tulane School of Medicine. He practiced in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a number of years before moving to Georgia. He now has about 20 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery industry. His past success led to several investors lining up when he announced his latest plans. He says he will treat each patient on an individualized basis rather than the one size fits all approach that is common in the industry.

Eventually, Dr. Mark McKenna wants to have OVME locations all over America. He is releasing an app for his business which will be revolutionary. Rather than patients going to the doctor, the doctor will come to them. He says that app is similar to Uber’s in that the user schedules a service and the provider comes to where they are.

Billing and reimbursements have changed a lot over the years, he says. It used to be very profitable to be a doctor but that’s really not the case anymore. Dr. Mark McKenna says that he saw this early on and it was why he started investing in real estate at a young age. While in school he did physicals at a local jail where he was paid $50 an hour. He put all of this money into real estate. He sold this business a number of years ago.


New York’s shifting macro-economic climate to effect area real estate

2016 brings changes to the real-estate market for New York, the changes are brought about by the current Micro-economic climate effecting everyone involved in real-estate.


Increasing interest rates will ultimately cause prices to decline. Declining prices coupled with increasing interest will cause buyers to become skeptical about the market and adversely effect the ability for sellers to make quick sales and turn a fast profit as buyers will expect a greater number of deal contingencies will take longer to review contracts.


A gap will grow between motivated sellers and sellers with unrealistic demands. Ultimately, sellers with unrealistic demands will curve their demands and reduce their prices should they desire a sale. With the newly falling prices and lost confidence in the market buyers will turn to Prime locations and proven investments leaving secondary and tertiary neighborhoods behind struggling for growth.


It is important that sellers focus on a broad spectrum of potential buyers as the baby-boomer generation will likely make up a large portion of the market. Baby-Boomers have reached the point in their lives to begin downsizing and potentially taking on property in the city to be closer to extended family.


Perspective buyers of all ages may become tempted by the development of new rental properties, enticed by incentives, rentals may be the way of the future. With a number of newly developed complexes buyers and renters alike will be looking for reputable leasing agents while buyers will be in need of top level marketing of their property.


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