Desiree Perez; Hard Hitting Business Woman and Tidal leader

Part of Jay-Z’s inner circle and Hova’s personal pick to lead the Tidal music streaming service, Desiree Perez is known for being a sharp minded business woman and the negotiator behind some of Roc Nation’s biggest corporate team ups. Wife of “OG” Juan Perez, another of Jay’s trusted Roc Nation generals, Desiree has been with Roc Nation for a long time, and has received shout outs in some of Hov’s biggest songs. With her experience, business mind, and long running track record with Roc Nation, Jay couldn’t have made a better choice than Desiree Perez as a leader of Tidal.



Upon purchasing Tidal, many industry insiders didn’t believe even Jay-Z had what it took to take on streaming giants like Spotify and Pandora. With a long list of five star acts signing exclusive deals with the service, however, Hov and company managed to carve out a nice place in the streaming revolution for Tidal. The revitalization of Tidal is majorly due to the elite marketing and business abilities of Desiree Perez and for her handling of the negotiations that landed many of the A list artists that joined with the streaming service. Together Des, Jay, and Jay’s circle of influence, including Des’ husband, have built Roc Nation into what it is today, and are currently putting major plans into effect with Tidal.



Through focusing on the fresh, new, and coming-up-next music, Tidal has been able to provide listeners with in demand artists and tracks while avoiding costly cataloguing fees. Perez’s ear-to-the-street marketing style, financial savvy and aggressive campaigning for the service has paid off well in more subscribers and a plethora of offerings to customers. Tidal is pressing forward with a showcase for emerging artists, Tidal Discovery, Exclusive live performances with Tidal X, and a selection of emerging artists, Tidal Rising. Des Perez’s ability to make tough, intelligent business decisions in order to grow the service in a market dominated by established giants shows that Jay made the right choice in selecting the leadership for his streaming up and comer.



Under Perez’s reign, subscription to Tidal has risen to its highest point ever, in many ways thanks to leadership decisions made by Desiree herself. The mind behind such marketing campaigns as Beyonce’s Lemonade album as well as the corresponding Foundation tour, Perez has been working hard to establish Tidal as a powerhouse within the industry. What was once considered a questionable purchase for Jay-Z by industry insiders is now paying off well for the hip-hop mogul and his Roc Nation and Tidal teams thanks to his secret weapon, music business hard hitter, Desiree Perez.