Jeff Aronin’s Background in Biotech

With more than 20 years of experience in creating dynamic biotech and pharmaceutical companies, Jeff Aronin is a true pioneer in healthcare, and in helping patients prevail over serious illnesses.

Jeff Aronin has served in a number of senior leadership positions and has founded other companies. He was CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Lundbeck, Inc., in addition to his current role as chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a leading incubator of and investor in innovative biotech companies (Jeffaronin).

Aronin’s companies have a well-earned track record of success in getting new medicines approved for people who have rare or neglected illnesses. The team at Paragon Biosciences has had 13 new medicines approved by Food and Drug Administration, a success rate on par with or better than many large biotech and pharma companies.

Paragon Biosciences is focused on enhancing the lives of patients with unmet medical needs. Paragon’s team deeply studies patient needs, to truly understand the underlying cause of illness, and then focuses on securing breakthrough science and strategically building focused companies to bring important medicines to market (

Paragon’s uses its entrepreneurial skills to help incubate promising biotech startups to help further improve the efficiency of the work needed to get medicines approved.


Heal-N-Soothe: A Better Solution For Human Health

Life throws challenges at us all at one time or another. These challenges can come in a variety of debilitating illnesses and injuries. People who are in the best of health will inevitably fall victim to father time’s wrath, but everyone must do their best to stay in the best of health. Heal-N-Soothe is one of the leading solutions for keeping your health in-check. This daily supplement is packed with 12 powerful herbs that works wonders for fighting pain. In addition to that, Heal-N-Soothe provides immediate results for cancer prevention, for memory loss, for improved heart health and for many more health issues.

Have you ever been injured? More than likely, you’ve probably been injured too many times to count. Pain and swelling generally takes place after getting injured and this is not a fun time for the actual injured party. The swelling of the injured body part is basically the body’s natural response to keep the area mobilized. Pain comes from the inflammation of the actual tearing of the tissue or joint. Heal-N-Soothe can drastically reduce the pain much more effectively than anti-inflammatory drugs. Yes, Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Tylenol has their place when it comes to pain, but these medications aren’t doing anything to heal the injury. Most pain-killers are only designed to mask the pain, which gives the injured person a false sense of healing. Heal-N-Soothe takes it a full-step forward by flooding the body with enzymes, and the enzymes neutralizes bio-chemicals that are associated with inflammation.

Repairing and regenerating the tissue is the main goal. Heal-N-South definitely speeds-up the healing process without any side effects. This proprietary blend of healers works great for sprained ankles, for bruises, for joint pain, for surgery, for fractures and for strains. So, what does the ingredients look like? Heal-N-Soothe is loaded with tried-and-true natural healers such as Rutin, Turmeric Extract, Bromelain, Mojave Yucca Root, Papain, GingerExtract, Devil’s Claw and many more ingredients. If you’re interested in Heal-N-Soothe, then you can purchase it from Amazon or from the brand’s website. Check this link:


A Technology Based Approach to Cancer

The fight against cancer has been going on for decades. There are many ways to participate in this fight. Some choose to raise money; others purchase items that have a percentage that will then be donated to the cause. Others choose to use their background and education to help in the fight. Eric Lefkofsky is one of those people.


Eric came from humble beginnings. He grew up in Michigan and was the son of a school teacher and a structural engineer. He attended the University of Michigan. Eric then went on to the University of Michigan Law School and graduated in 1993.


After graduation, and his business partner created and were involved in many companies. One of those companies was Groupon, and Eric still serves as the chairman of the board. Groupon was named the fastest growing company in history and is still hugely popular.


His current company, Tempus, is where Eric Lefkofsky began his fight against cancer. Tempus is a technology company that created a machine to help doctors personalize the treatment they offer their patients. The machine is used to analyze blood and tissue samples from patients.

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When the blood and tissue samples are taken from the patient, they are sent off to Tempus to be analyzed. The DNA and RNA sequencing is what is specifically looked at. Normal cells are compared to cancer cells to look for any gene mutations. These mutations give doctors a deeper look into what the cancer is doing to the cells of the patient. The results allow the doctor to decide what to do for treatment based on what is happening with the patient. Each patient is different, and their treatment should be treated that way.


Eric Lefkofsky is just one example of a person who is doing what they can to help in the cancer battle. Eric Lefkofsky and his machine have given doctors another angle in their fight, and this angle may prove to be the angle that is needed to end this once and for all.


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