A Great Way To Get Rid Of Stress

New research has found that meditation does not just help a person stress levels, but it can actually improve a person’s memory and decision-making abilities. There has been much talk about things such as yoga or other meditation methods. Many people claim that these methods can help a person greatly relieve stress, anxiety, and apart from that they can help a person’s body. In reality a Massachusetts General Hospital neuroscientist named Sarah Lazar was able to study the true affects of meditation when she saw good results in herself.

Lazar decided to take up yoga because of a running injury and she decided to do research about the effects that meditation can have on a person’s brain. She found that when a person practices long-term meditation that they are focusing on their deep breathing and the sounds of their body. When that happens all of a person senses are enhanced according to businessman Zeca Oliveira. Aside from that the gray matter that is in the frontal cortex of the brain increases which helps a person’s memory and helps them to make executive decisions. While many people for years have claimed that yoga is a great way to d-stress, now there is a science behind the claims.