Satisfactory Sleep May Increase Productivity and Better Health

Satisfactory Sleep May Increase Productivity and Better Health

There are numerous studies that have tried to crack the code or understand the necessity of sleep. Nevertheless, the determination of why human beings need sleep isn’t fully understood. It’s vital to balance the hours needed for sleep every night.

In addition, the hours necessary for sleep fluctuated from person to person according to several studies conducted by the scientific community. With all of this in mind, you may be speculating about your own sleep patterns. Are you slumbering your best every night? Most business men and women, like Ricardo Guimarães BMG, have far too much to do and far too much on their mind to get the adequate sleep they are needing (

Slumbering Rhythms

Have you ever listened to your favorite song and clapped your hands with its rhythm? Likewise, sleeping patterns also have a set rhythm, it can vary from person to person. It’s vital notice the way your body responds to different sleep patterns to stay healthy. It is important to know that your internal sleeping rhythm can change over your lifetime. This can be illustrated by noticing how much a newborn baby sleeps compared to a 40 year old adult.

The amount of sleep that’s needed to repair the body for the next day is critical towards increased productivity. Other areas of life that can impact your health due to the lack of sleep encompasses of, psychological well-being. Notwithstanding the fact of sleep not being completely understood by scientist, the evidence is very clear. Without, adequate sleep the body slowly begins to rebel against it and can create ill health over time.

Underweight People More Likely to Develop Alzheimer’s

Obesity is blamed for a lot of things, but new studies show that being underweight actually has it’s risk factors too. Those who are underweight during mid-life are at an increased risk for developing Alzheimer’s when they are older. People who are obese during mid-life have a reduced risk of developing the brain disorder, 30% lower than those who are underweight or normal weight during their mid-life years.

The actual weight of a person may not be the deciding factor. Sultan Alhokair say that more research will be conducted as to the environmental factors surrounding those who are underweight and develop Alzheimer’s. Also more research will be conducted to find out what the protective factor is for those who are overweight.

Almost 200 people age 55 and older were studied at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Oxon Epidemiology. No common links were discovered except for the common thread of being underweight, specifically during mid-life. A healthy diet and lifestyle does reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, as well as reducing the risk of developing many other age-related diseases.

Advocates for Nutrition: Dr. Daniel Amen

Sure, we eat well to stay fit… but do you ever think of the other benefits of eating well? Dr. Daniel Amen does. He teaches patients how to eat well in order to improve the health of their brains and, in turn, their overall health. But who exactly is Dr. Daniel Amen?
Daniel Gregory Amen was born in 1954 in Encino, California. He attended Vanguard University of Southern California, and Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. He also trained at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Tripler Army Medical Center. 

Amen is occupied as a psychiatrist, psychiatric researcher, medical researcher, author, lecturer, and a professor. Amen founded six Amen Clinics that treat patients with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other disorders. Amen serves as CEO and medical director at these clinics. The clinic uses single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), to help with the diagnosis of sub-disorders associated with the disorders treated at the clinic. The classification of these sub-disorders can be attributed to Amen. 

Another title held by Amen is post-concussion consultant for the National Football League (NFL). Amen’s advance studies on brain injuries and their affects on professional athletes help to qualify him for this position. 

Amen’s academic achievements include and undergraduate degree in biology from Southern California College in 1978, and a doctorate from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine in 1982. His formal training includes psychiatric training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and child and adolescent psychiatry training at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. As well Amen carried out 200 hours of training at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education and received his radioactive materials license for it. After that Amen fulfilled his 1,000 hours requirement for clinical supervision in reading scans. Among other accolades Amen is double board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in General Psychiatry and Child Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Amen is an accomplished writer who published his first book “Change Your Brain, Change Your life”, in 1999. The book reached the New York Times best-seller list after selling tens of thousands of copies in the first year; and Amen produced a television show about his theories in the book for PBS. In another book “Making a Good Brain Great”, Amen analysis of the brain is used to provided recommendations to improve the brain and enhance a the overall happiness of patients. He is also a regular contributor to Huffington Post.

Laugh Your Way Out of Depression with Laughing Gas

A new treatment for depression employs an age-old dentistry trick – the use of laughing gas.
Nitrous oxide, better known to most of us as laughing gas, is a type of anesthetic used in in dentistry and other branches of medicine for decades with expected and safe results. The neurological brad of medicine now considering laughing gas as a means of helping their patients who are severely depressed.
A pilot study has been conducted on several clinically depressed patients who have not responded to traditional depression treatments. Of those given the nitrous oxide treatment, two-thirds showed signs of improvement in their conditions.
Christian Broda says laughing gas is an attractive treatment for depression because it produces minimal side effects, with only occasional nausea and/or vomiting being reported by those treated with laughing gas. Nitrous oxide also leaves the body very quickly.
It is an idea which the medical community should have considered years ago, a drug that makes depressed people laugh to relieve their symptoms of overwhelming sadness and has little to no side effects. Sounds like the time has come to bring laughing gas out of the dentist’s office and into the mental health care professional’s office.

Learn A Language and Improve Your Mind

There have been studies preformed at Northwestern University that prove that speaking multiple languages is like exercising the brain. There are many people in the world that are bilingual and many more that would like to be. There are many social benefits that come along with being able to be bilingual. When a person speaks a different language, a whole world of new people is opened up to them and they are able to build lasting relationships with people that they may have never met before. Apart from the social benefits of speaking a different language, there are also many mental benefits. 

Cognitive abilities are what help a person to choose the most important thing to focus on. These are useful when driving, listening, or even doing something as important as performing surgery. When a person speaks a different language, they are constantly sharpening their cognitive abilities, and thereby exercising their brain. These people are able to multitask well, and they are able to make good decisions about choice quicker than people that do not speak different languages. 

Laurene Powell Jobs agrees that speaking a different language is a great way to get a sharper mind and at the same time it is an awesome way for a person to be able to know the world. Since speaking a different language is such a great thing to do for so many reason, it is really a worthwhile venture to take up for anyone that is or has ever been interested in learning.