Artificial Intelligence Exists in More Places Than You Would Think

Most people have a certain impression of artificial intelligence, something that is often referred to as AI. In fact, the overwhelming majority of individuals automatically think of something from some science fiction movie when people start talking about artificial intelligence. The truth is, it already exists and it exists in many more places than you might first believe. Once you really sit down and start to think about things, it quickly becomes apparent that you are actually surrounded by it on a routine basis. This is enough to make some people feel uncomfortable, at least at first. However, artificial intelligence is designed to make life easier and to allow people to do things that have never before been possible. For the most part, that is exactly how it is used today.

One company that has been dominating the world of image recognition for years is called Slyce. The thing that makes this company stand out is that it has been a pioneer in every sense of the word when it comes to anything related to AI. In fact, it initially started doing a lot of development for the military and eventually, it started to branch out into other areas. Today, much of the intelligence that has been developed by the company is used by people in all walks of life. You might think that you have never used any of this technology, but if you do anything related to Google then chances are, you have already been exposed to theimage reconition developed by Slyce.

Think of it this way. If you have a newer computer and you are able to speak to your computer and have it learn your likes and dislikes, you are already interacting with artificial intelligence on a daily basis. The same is true when Google learns the things that you are interested in and then presents you with image recognition that are directly tied to those things. These ads are specific to you as an individual. They use algorithms to come up with the things that you are most interested in and then they customize their ads for you and you alone. This is just one more example of the way that artificial intelligence has found a way to become a common part of your everyday life.

Of course, as time goes on there is every chance that artificial intelligence will be used in even more obvious ways. It is already occurring in some areas. The difference is that the members of the general public may not be directly involved with this type of interaction on a day to day basis. However, the use of robots that are capable of making decisions or the implementation of security systems that are able to tell one person’s retina from another all involve some form of artificial intelligence. As the technology becomes more mainstream, it only makes sense that the general public will become directly involved with this type of interaction on a daily basis. Without a doubt, it is an exciting time as there are virtually no limits to the places where this technology can ultimately go.