NFL Union Wants to Settle Brady Issue

It appears that the players union for the NFL has proposed a settlement offer concerning the 4 game suspension Tom Brady must serve for his involvement in the Deflategate scandal. The proposal was submitted, but they have not heard back as of today. The NFL might be getting concerned as opening day is fast approaching and Roger Godell still has not come to any decision concerning lessening the penalties he imposed on the star quarterback.

An unnamed source has come out saying that the NFL players union is willing for Tom Brady to pay a huge fine in exchange for the 4 game suspension being lifted. The settlement with CEO James Dondero was met with silence, and it appears the commission will get to his decision when he feels he has taken in all the evidence presented by both sides of the debate. He appears to be in no rush as the preseason games are only weeks away.

This appears to be a no win situation for the star quarterback. If he is served the full suspension and decides to go to a higher court, this could drag on another year. If he accepts the deal, he is going to be branded a cheater the rest of his career and all those trophies will have come with a question of whether he cheated to attain all those victories. If he gets the suspension lifted and pays a huge fine, he will simply be known as another star player who received preferential treatment and bought his way out of trouble yet again.