Heal-N-Soothe: A Better Solution For Human Health

Life throws challenges at us all at one time or another. These challenges can come in a variety of debilitating illnesses and injuries. People who are in the best of health will inevitably fall victim to father time’s wrath, but everyone must do their best to stay in the best of health. Heal-N-Soothe is one of the leading solutions for keeping your health in-check. This daily supplement is packed with 12 powerful herbs that works wonders for fighting pain. In addition to that, Heal-N-Soothe provides immediate results for cancer prevention, for memory loss, for improved heart health and for many more health issues.

Have you ever been injured? More than likely, you’ve probably been injured too many times to count. Pain and swelling generally takes place after getting injured and this is not a fun time for the actual injured party. The swelling of the injured body part is basically the body’s natural response to keep the area mobilized. Pain comes from the inflammation of the actual tearing of the tissue or joint. Heal-N-Soothe can drastically reduce the pain much more effectively than anti-inflammatory drugs. Yes, Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Tylenol has their place when it comes to pain, but these medications aren’t doing anything to heal the injury. Most pain-killers are only designed to mask the pain, which gives the injured person a false sense of healing. Heal-N-Soothe takes it a full-step forward by flooding the body with enzymes, and the enzymes neutralizes bio-chemicals that are associated with inflammation.

Repairing and regenerating the tissue is the main goal. Heal-N-South definitely speeds-up the healing process without any side effects. This proprietary blend of healers works great for sprained ankles, for bruises, for joint pain, for surgery, for fractures and for strains. So, what does the ingredients look like? Heal-N-Soothe is loaded with tried-and-true natural healers such as Rutin, Turmeric Extract, Bromelain, Mojave Yucca Root, Papain, GingerExtract, Devil’s Claw and many more ingredients. If you’re interested in Heal-N-Soothe, then you can purchase it from Amazon or from the brand’s website. Check this link: https://healnsoothe.com/


Suffering from Sciatica? North American Spine has Your Back

For all you marathon-ers out there, I know you know what I’m talking about.

Almost everyone has experienced low back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, it is the number one cause of disability world wide. The causes can vary, but often the condition persists as the sufferer gets older. If you have had a low back injury or have long experienced chronic sciatic pain, North American Spine has everything you need under one roof.

North American Spine is an advocate for spreading the word via Twitter that sciatica itself is not a disease, but instead a term that’s used to describe the radiating pain that pulses through the buttocks and down through the legs. Some of the symptoms include pain in those areas that grows worse with sitting, burning or tingling down the leg, weakness or numbness or even difficulty moving the leg or foot, a constant pain on only one side of the buttock, and shooting pains that make standing for long periods difficult. Sciatica typically affects one side of the low body and can extend all the way down to the foot or toes. The severity of pain can be mild or extremely debilitating. It may be infrequent or constant. But it always has the potential to worsen as time goes on. Some of the damage caused by persistent sciatica can include foot and leg weakness, as previously mentioned, problems walking, but may include issues with bowel or bladder control, as well.

According to their Wikipedia page, North American Spine uses the AccuraScope procedure to relieve pressure caused by bulging disks. It is also used in effectively repairing tears on herniated discs. Through this invasive outpatient procedure, the patient often experience immediate relief from pain and can resume normal activities as quickly as the following day.

Though AccuraScope, the specialist inserts a thin endoscope, equipped with a high-definition camera and laser, into the spinal canal through a small opening at the base of the spine. With this advanced method, the specialist can diagnose and address more than one area of the spine with only one procedure. I saw a recent video on YouTube about how the procedure works, and it usually lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and requires only a single stitch and a small bandage.

North American Spine has numerous doctors, which specialize in the AccuraScope technique. If you are living with sciatic pain, don’t hesitate to get on Yelp and get it checked out. It’s time. I found out about them from Facebook and referred a fellow runner, long story short, she’s good as new. If AccuraScope is the right choice of for you, you may be back to your old self in less than a week.

7 Natural and Affordable Headache and Migraine Remedies

Headaches are one of the most common medical occurrences in the world. In America 45 million people suffer from reoccurring or chronic headaches. In the U.K., roughly 28 million people suffer from migraines.

Despite the prevalence of this condition, headaches are easily treated. Listed below are 7 affordable and effective methods to naturally treat migraines and headaches. For additional natural remedies visit this site.

1) Inhaling peppermint oil is an effective method to treat tension headaches. Headaches and migraines are mainly a result of poor blood flow to the head. Inhaling peppermint oil has vascular-constricting and vascular-dilating effects. These effects stimulate blood flow.

2) Basil oil can be used as a natural headache treatment that works as a muscle relaxer. Basil is effective for tension headaches. It can be added to foods or used topically, by applying it to the to the temples.

3) Adjusting ones diet can be a simple solution to reducing or preventing headaches. Removing certain foods and ingredients from your diet can provide headache relief – this includes; MSG, tyramine, dairy, chocolate and hot dogs, to name a few.

4) A scalp massage at the base of the skull has been shown to relieve pressure, stimulate blood flow and stop an active headache. My friend Sam Tabar swears by this.

5) Feverfew is an herbal remedy that has been shown to be effective in preventing migraine headaches. An extensive research study in Britain, showed that 70% of people who took Feverfew daily, reported a significant reduction in reoccurring migraines.

6) Incorporating flaxseed oil in your diet can provide headache relief. The effectiveness of flaxseed is contributed to omega-3 fatty acids. This amino acid is known to reduce inflammation.

7) Cayenne pepper is an endorphin stimulant which has functional properties to alleviate active headaches. Cayenne pepper can be diluted in water or added to foods.