Charles G. Koch An American Billionaire Trying To Make A Difference

Charles G. Koch, CEO of Koch Industries wants to stop Trump. As a successful businessman, philanthropist, and political donor, he uses his influence to make a difference. His brother, David H. Koch is the Executive VP. Both men have experience in helping potential politicians. Charles Koch has a net worth of 44.3 billion USD and keeps a hand in presidential elections.

This particular interview was over a meal at the commissary of Koch Industries located in Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Koch was giving a rare interview about his new book. His disappointment in the Republican presidential race of 2016.

Koch and his brother David Koch raised about $400 million through their donor network in regards to electing Mitt Romney but was out-witted by Barack Obama’s campaign. It was then they made a commitment to study how things went wrong in 2012. They doubled down on their efforts in hopes this wouldn’t happen again. It was the brothers and supporters they enlisted that pledged to raise approximately $900 million to have Republicans win. They wanted someone in place to win over Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

It was their misjudging of Donald Trump that seemed to take them by surprise. They never thought that Donald Trump would be a serious contender and the views of Mr. Trump on trade, politics on taxes, as well as foreign policy didn’t agree on what they believed. Mr. Koch uses the Trump’s Muslim registry for an example, and believes it would destroy our free society. The Koch brothers deliberately left Trumps name off their invite list for the August donor summit attended by five of Trump’s G.O.P. rivals. Trump remarked on Twitter stating that he felt the other candidates had traveled to California to beg for money. Trump also called them puppets for Koch brothers.

It was viewed as being ironic coming from a billionaire that is giving millions of dollars to the Republican party to sway the election in their favor. The Koch brother’s mission was to get a Republican into the White House. Charles has carefully reviewed Trump’s vulnerabilities and determined that highlighting his track record of bankruptcies and predatory business deals harms his standing with likely voters.

If the Koch network goes after Trump, they realize that he would use every avenue to highlight that he was being attacked by billionaires that want to control the election outcome. The Koch brothers used their network of fellow mega donors to move away from the party power. They didn’t need a political party as they and their friends could create a party of their own.