Securus Technologies Ensuring Better Safety for the Prisons

The latest target of the correctional agencies these days is drones because the criminals are using drones to smuggle illegal items inside the prison. As the drones are small in size and hard to detect in the night time manually, the criminals find them to be productive in getting the job done of transporting contraband with ease to the prison. The smuggled goods mostly contain drugs and contraband phones, but some of the confiscated contraband packages also carried guns and weapons. It is a matter of concern for the law enforcement agencies, who are trying everything they can to stop the infiltration of contraband to the prison.


Securus Technologies has been focusing on developing the drone detection technology for many months now, and have finally found success in improving the drone detection technology. The drone detection technology can quickly stop the drones from entering the prison by letting the correctional officers know that drones are in proximity. The correctional officers can shoot down the drones sent by the criminal as soon as the drone detection technology detects the location. The technology is ahead of time, and even though Securus Technologies launch the pilot program, the company is confident that it would help the correctional agencies in catching the drones trying to supply contraband.


Securus Technologies has helped the correctional agencies to secure the prisons and provided the law enforcement agencies with the investigative technologies to reduce the crime rate. The drone detection technology is expected to be installed in thousands of other correctional institutions in the months to come after the technology passes all the first phase tests. The company has spent years in research and development and has spent millions for the development of the drone detection technology. The technology is expected to make the prison facilities more secure.



Securus Technologies is Protecting Behind the Scenes

I have seen my share of policy officers and detectives work hard to make sure the people in the community, city and state are safe. This not an easy task as criminals are becoming smarter and more tech savvy everyday. However, I believe the solution to these issues have been lurking around for some time now. Securus Technologies started back in 1986 and have been building and maintaining effective, efficient and outstanding telecommunication services. Although their main industry is for correctional facilities, millions of people who are family and friends of inmates are affected everyday.


I believe Securus Technologies is assisting in the protection that we receive from law enforcement daily. The products that are developed on a weekly basis have given officers and detectives the tools needed to avoid future crimes while solving any existing open cases. They are constantly assessing current situations and developing equipment that will revolutionize these correctional facilities and keep employees, as well as, family members and friends of inmates safe. So far, they are providing public safety, investigative, corrections and monitoring solutions and we expect nothing less in the future. Although working behind the scenes may not be the most popular way to get recognized, Securus Technologies have taken the chance in order to be dedicated to providing the services needed to keep us safe.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation is a Comprehensive Solution

Securus Technologies is dubbed a leader in criminal justice technological solutions. One of the reasons why Securus Technologies has garnered this important distinction is because of its technological solutions like Video Visitation.


Video Visitation is working to bring inmate visiting into the 21st century. Through Securus Technologies Video Visitation inmates are able to maintain consistent, meaningful contact with family and friends during their terms of incarceration.


Video Visitation allows individuals to have regular, in depth visits with loved ones in jails and prisons, no matter where people are located. Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology is more than just a communication portal like Skype. The technology comes with other resources, like security elements and registration features. The Video Visitation system is a full-service, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution.


The CEO of Securus Technologies recently detailed how extensively the Video Visitation system is being utilized at this juncture in time. Securus Technologies Video Visitation is now in place in 178 correctional agencies across the United States. The company expects the number of agencies utilizing the technology to increase steadily in coming years.


Through the 178 agencies that utilize Video Visitation, about 160,000 individual visits occur each month. This totals up to about 2 million individual visits during the coming year.


Securus Technologies anticipates that the number of individual visits that will occur with the Video Visitation technology will double next year, to about 4 million specific sessions. This is based on trends over the course of the past couple of years.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation app has been downloaded 232,000 times thus far. The app itself is easy to utilize and is available for desktops and mobile devices.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system sharply reduces the costs associated with traditional in-person visitation. In-person visitation costs an average of $100 per individual visit. Video Visitation costs only $2.72 per visit.