Dr. Mark McKenna Announces His Latest Venture In Atlanta

Dr. Mark McKenna is an Atlanta, Georgia, entrepreneur. His latest venture is a business called OVME which will be located in the Buckhead area of this city which is this city’s commercial and financial center. He says that his company will deliver what he calls a “medical aesthetic experience” like no other. At OVME people will be able to undergo minimally invasive procedures in order to look and feel better.

The OVME offices will have four private treatment rooms in it that Dr. Mark McKenna has described as luxurious. OVME will be open for business in March and he is presently equipping it with the latest technology in the industry. He says that the cosmetic surgery industry has gotten stale and his plan is to shake it up by reinventing elective healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of the Tulane School of Medicine. He practiced in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a number of years before moving to Georgia. He now has about 20 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery industry. His past success led to several investors lining up when he announced his latest plans. He says he will treat each patient on an individualized basis rather than the one size fits all approach that is common in the industry.

Eventually, Dr. Mark McKenna wants to have OVME locations all over America. He is releasing an app for his business which will be revolutionary. Rather than patients going to the doctor, the doctor will come to them. He says that app is similar to Uber’s in that the user schedules a service and the provider comes to where they are.

Billing and reimbursements have changed a lot over the years, he says. It used to be very profitable to be a doctor but that’s really not the case anymore. Dr. Mark McKenna says that he saw this early on and it was why he started investing in real estate at a young age. While in school he did physicals at a local jail where he was paid $50 an hour. He put all of this money into real estate. He sold this business a number of years ago.


Samuel Strauch’s Success Tips

Samuel is a real estate agent; his success journey is full of lessons for the beginning investors. He utilizes every opportunity that comes his way; this was revealed in an interview when he was asked about how he got his business ideas. Strauch’s success tips are based on how he prepares for his day and the way he does his business. Creative thinking is part of his life and making new friends which result to business opportunities is one of his each day’s objectives.

Samuel Strauch did also face some challenges which he got a great lesson from. He admits that at some point he did a job that didn’t utilize his full potential. The other problem that he faced was employing a friend who had little knowledge of the job description which he was to carry out. These two incidences cost him his precious time and resources.

Your mindset is crucial in business; having a positive mindset can help brighten your day. This great entrepreneur says that he sets his mind to always be a winner by giving his customers, team members, and fellow investors priority. Strauch loves developing his personal life and making the life of his beloved ones better; he says that he better spend money on experiences than on things.

Samuel Strauch is a successful and learned entrepreneur. He holds a bachelor of business administration degree from Hofstra University. He started his first real estate company, Affinity Realty Group in 2002. The company developed over the years to Metrik Real Estate, Metrik Real Estate is headquartered in South Beach, Florida. Samuel is a successful agent in Miami; he has completed several transactions and ranked top by several companies in Miami. Strauch who started his career as a banker before moving to real estate business has also invested in restaurant and internet businesses. Samuel Strauch loves art, photography and spending his leisure time reading.

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Samuel Strauch – A Proficient Miami Beach Real Estate Businessman

The real estate company Metrik Real Estate was founded in 2002 by Mr Samuel Strauch, through which he has provided homes and security to the companies many clients. Metric Real Estate is based in Miami in the state of Florida, a region Mr Samuel Strauch knows very well due to it also being the state in which he lives, and is one of the hottest and most sought after markets in the real estate business.

Before Mr Samuel Strauch began his career working with real estate and founding his company he initially started to work as a banker after completing his many years of education. Mr Samuel Strauch studied at multiple schools before starting his working career, including at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Harvard as well as at the Hofstra University in New York City, majoring in business and earning himself a master’s degree. However, Mr Samuel Strauch chose to stop working as a banker and instead turn to the real estate business. This career change was motivated by the fact that his family had been a part of the real state in the past and therefore Mr Samuel Strauch decided to continue the family business and change his career to real estate, which leads to the founding of his successful real estate company.

Mr Samuel Strauch readily shares his expertise on the makings of a successful investor and developer of real estate property. One of the crucial things about real estate business is the eagerness to learn. There are many fine details that a successful businessperson has to be aware of and have the desire to know more about. Collaborating is inevitable. A real estate developer or investor is always working with somebody, so transparency and communication are also critical. Being reliable will bring you more success than not. One should also be careful and read the fine print to make sure everything will go as planned.

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Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern is the principal leader of JMH Development. According to him, nothing gives him more happiness than reaching the topping of a building under their construction management. For this reason, he has worked through thick and thin to develop a building portfolio for the company which is unmatched in the industry in the development and renovation of high-end construction facilities in the United States. JMH Development is one of the New York-based construction companies which are highly-experienced at what they do as facility managers. For the company, nothing is of more value than exceeding the expectations of their clients.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

JMH Development has announced that they have reached the topping o of the Southern Aloft Beach which is one of the highest earning capabilities in the country. As a matter of fact, the company has issued nomenclature statements which have sought to eradicate non-disjunction in the enterprise. The Southern Aloft Beach is one of the latest renovation of buildings in the heart of Miami Beach. According to the company, it is set to be opened by the end of 2015. For this reason, their capability is stated in the use o their high-end structure development capabilities as a state in issue.


For the company to complete its construction in due course ahead of schedule, they were contracted to complete their development criterion in a manner which depicts their development capabilities in the state. For this reason, they contracted Madden Real Estate Company to take care of the construction process in the company. On the other hand, they also hired the Plaza Construction Company to ensure that the building and development process is good reason in the building. When they looked at the extensive development capabilities and architectural designs, they decided to hire ADD Construction Company to ensure they adhere to the stated rules of construction and architectural design.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

For JMH Development to reach the topping off of the Southern Aloft beach, they worked day and night to ensure they are ahead of the rest. They also stated the issues managing the capability programs in the area. For them, it is part of their daily business.


Booming House Values in the Heart of New York City

With real estate values in New York City having seen a dramatic rise in the past few months, real estate investors from all over the world are looking to Manhattan for investment opportunities. There are also many potential NYC homeowners interested in the area as well from across the globe, with new buyers coming to the market everyday. The competition for living space in Manhattan has caused rent prices to rise dramatically in the heart of New York City.

Town Residential specializes in residential NYC real estate. They provide potential homeowners and investors with luxury living accommodations to fit the needs of the buyer. The expert team of agents at Town Residential can make the entire process from start to finish a seamless one.

With many years of combined residential New York real estate market experience, finding a wonderful place in the area of NYC you prefer is made simple with Town Residential. Their courteous agents are on your side, helping you not to go amiss when deciding on appropriate living spaces within the city.

Many people want to be close to everything. There is so much going on here in Manhattan, that living an exciting lifestyle in the city with so much to do all around you everyday is as easy as finding the right living space. Whether you want to be close to the subway line, or way up in the heights of a sky rise with immaculate views of the city, you have many options and sections of Manhattan from which to choose.