Markus Rothkranz Recipe Recap: Easy Vegan Crepes

In his most recent video, lifestyle guru and motivational speaker Markus Rothkranz gives viewers another healthy recipe. This time, his partner Cara Brotman describes how to make healthy raw vegan crepes that do not use eggs. This video is part of her “Cara Cooks” series. She came up with the recipe because Markus misses eating crepes now that he is on a raw vegan diet.

The ingredients you need to make these are coconut meat, cashews, strawberries, maple syrup, and vanilla. Cara adds the coconut meat, vanilla, coconut water, and sweetener to the blender. She says it should be a thin consistency. Cara then pours the mixture out onto a dehydrator sheet and spreads it out into a thin circle with a flat spatula. It then goes in the dehydrator for an hour. She then takes out the crepe, flips it over, and dehydrates it for another hour. The crepe is very thin and delicate.

Cara then makes “whipped cream” by blending cashews, vanilla, coconut water, and maple syrup. Next she puts some sliced strawberries (and says you can use whatever fruits you like) on top of the crepe. Then she rolls up the crepe around the berries. Cara also puts some extra sliced strawberries and the whipped cashew cream onto the plate next to the crepe. She says she wishes she had made raspberry sauce to drizzle on top to make it look pretty. She takes a bite of the crepe and says it looks, smells, and tastes just like a regular crepe.