A Scientific Miracle: Artificial Leg-Wearers Feel Actual Sensations

Individuals who’ve had to lose a limb frequently report still feeling their missing body part in an uncomfortable condition known as “phantom limb syndrome.” However, the miracles of modern medicine are making it so that the sensations that amputees feel are actually pleasant.

A recent article posted on ItsMyPart.com details how scientists have now created sensory-enhanced prosthetic devices that make it possible for the wearer to actually feel as though the artificial limb is a part of their body.

Being able to sense the body part is so important because it helps tremendously with coordination, allowing some people to take up activities that they had long since abandoned, as well as avoid getting into everyday accidents related to balance. Scientist Crystal Hunt also observed less pain in individuals with phantom limb syndrome.

I think it’s absolutely wonderful that people who don’t have certain limbs are no longer forced to go their whole lives with no sensation in their artificial limb. Hopefully this advancement is a prelude to even greater developments that continue to improve the quality of life for all amputees.