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Securus Technologies makes a big splash with an even that gave them 11 certifications. The certifications were the BICSI Installer 1 Certification, and they were issued by BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International. Securus Technologies is extremely proud of their specialists that received the certifications. Recognizing the efforts of BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, Securus Technologies is extremely appreciative of them, regarding them a an excellent resource that they can count on in the future.



Securus Technologies


For Securus Technologies, there are plenty of great things happening. Securus Technologies is operating all over North America in a variety of criminal and civil justice organizations for the public safety of the people. Since Securus Technologies has the abilities to create more and better techniques for corrections and monitoring, they continue to lead their industry. Securus Technologies implements high standards for their their employees, and respects for the complete efforts that they put forth on a daily basis.


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


The company, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is well known in their field. They are the support and help for the information and communication technology industry. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International completes work in 100 countries with data, voice and safety information. They also train and certified various businesses. The work ethics of BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International are held in high regard by many people in the field. The future of BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International will see them acquiring more and more business for their firm.


Moving forward, Securus Technologies will continue to increase their presence in the world as a leader in what they do. Securus Technologies sees the future creating more and more avenues for them to make a huge impact in the public safety arena for years to come.

How Securus Video Visitation has Improved the Incarceration Experience

For people with incarcerated loved ones, making trips to the jail now and then can be quite tiresome. They also have to wait in long lines before they get to see their loved ones. Many people have been forced to reduce the number of the visits they make, and this can make inmates grow apart from their family and friends. Securus Technologies understands that despite the hurdles, keeping personal contact with those in jail matters a lot. That is why it has come up with innovative Securus Video Visitation technology. Securus has perfect knowledge about what makes a visit more personal.

The video visitation is overly helpful to people who want contact their loved ones in prison as they can make visits from the comforts of their homes saving them time and money. All they need is a webcam on a computer connected to the internet. They can make the visits at any time of their convenience rather than being subjected to the correctional facility’s limited visitation times. The video visitation allows inmates to be part of important events, such as concerts, together with their families and friends. This can boost their morale and facilitate their rehabilitation process. With Securus Video Visitation is surely greater than a visit.

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Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is a leading company in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Its mission is to help improve public safety, modernize the incarceration experience and ultimately, make this world a safer place to live. Securus provides its services to more than 1.2 million inmates spread in more than 3,400 corrections, public safety and law enforcement agencies across North America. It has its headquarters in Dallas. It provides phone services, video services and email services to family and friends who can keep in touch with their loved ones. All that Securus does is to serve and connect by providing the best emergency response, public information, incident management, investigation, communication, verification, information management, communication, monitoring and inmate self-service products and services.

Securus holds hundreds of patents and its engineers, designers, technologists and thinkers are behind its innovative solutions. For 30 years now, Securus has proved its commitment to providing exceptional services to its customers while ensuring that the industry maintains the best customer service. That is why it has been fighting to keep profiting off inmates, their families and friends by some rogue companies. Some companies have been prioritizing profits to customer service but Securus has been fighting for the change of perception.

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