Sergio Cortes Takes the World By Storm

Anyone that has been checking out blogs and websites about Michael Jackson impersonators cannot stray very far before seeing something about MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes. He is a force in his own right that has managed to delight a lot of fans of the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Some people have become interested in following him on Facebook because he will post pictures and videos of his performances. This is something that a lot of people are interested in seeing because Sergio gives them a rare glimpse behind the scenes. Sergios has an intense work ethic, and this is the thing that makes him one of the better impersonators out there.

Even Michael Jackson would be impressed with this type of commitment that Sergio has made. It is obvious that he is among the best in the industry when it comes to impersonations. Sergio has been earning a living this way, and it is obvious that fans are going to support what he is doing. It is all a part of the entertainment industry that cannot let go of the entertainer that sold more than 40 million copies of a single album.

Cortes watched Michael when he was a child according to his mother. He would prove himself to be a very good dancer and singer. He also had the desire to write his own songs. He did not become a singer in his own right, but he appears to be just as happy with impersonating the deceased King of Pop.

There are other impersonators on there, but few can do what Sergio has managed to do. It all starts with the way that he looks. Everything from his hair to his skin tone resembles Jackson in his later years. He dresses like Jackson when he is on stage, and he has the garments and accessories that look like Jackson gear when he is off stage. That is part of the way that he dazzles fans. Sergio is never seen in public out of character. He embodies Jackson offstage so it is easy for fans to see him as Jackson when he is on the stage. That is why so many people have started looking at his tour schedule dates. They want to know if there will be a chance to see him live. They are impressed and they want to get a glimpse of this phenomenal tour.

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Humanitarian Moves Made By Doctor Sergio Cortes in Xerem Town

Sergio Cortes is a qualified and skilled Brazilian Doctor. Cortes has been successfully serving in the health care department for more than fifteen years. Sergio, the doctor, has also made significant accomplishments in the health industry. Sergio currently serves as the secretary of health in Brazil.
He has led to the establishments of hospitals all over Brazil. Sergio Cortes also qualifies to be a surgeon. In his era as the Brazil secretary of health, Sergio Cortes has led to growth and development of the industry. Cortes also highly utilizes the social media platforms. He operates a web page that deals with medical activities and practices. Follow Dr. Cortes on his official Twitter page and linked in account.
According to the news, Sergio Cortes recently visited Xerem, a town facing floods calamity. Cortes visited the city with a primary of surveying the situation at hand and helping the residents. He helped set up a shelter to cater for the affected residents.
Cortes reported that the Rio government had set up a hydration facility at the Xerem health center. Doctor Cortes also added that the hydration facility had more than ten chairs, and the plant was capable of holding more than three hundred people per day. Sergio Cortes implied that his technical team was handling the situation to improve the Xerem residents’ living standards.
In the release, Cortes said that the hydration center was an alternative to support the municipality so as to curb the possibility of mosquitoes spreading malaria in the town. Doctor Cortes held a meeting with the municipal health secretary and the National Health Conception Coordinator, where they agreed that Brazil State Council was planning to deliver another calamity kit to help the people of Xerem deal with the situation.
Sergio Cortes implied that he had earlier provided another calamity kit to the affected areas. Also, the doctor added that three thousand tablets of antibiotics to prevent leptospirosis disease were distributed by his technical team all over the municipality.
The Secretariat of Brazil health surveillance conducted a test of water samples in Xerem shelters, and the result was considered unfit for human consumption. Sergio Cortes stated that his technical team was working to disinfect water in the area. The state government offered more than ten thousand bottles of sodium hypochlorite to clean the water.

1.Sergio urged residents of Xerem to use bottled water for drinking purposes and maintenance of food hygiene.

To conclude, Dr. Sergio also urged the well-wishers to include bottled water in their donations.

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Sergio Cortes And His Work

Who is Sergio Cortes?

Dr. Sergio Cortes is an orthopedic surgeon in the country of Brazil. Graduating from the University of Souza Marques in Rio de Janeiro with an interest in performing surgeries in the human hip, he has been influential in treating chronic pain in the body in his home country. From the years of 1992 to 1994, he worked as an officer dealing with medical things for the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department. He later on worked for over 16 years as a doctor at the National Municipal Miguel Couto in the same city (INTO) as unsurprisingly, a hip surgeon.

He worked at INTO until he was nominated as the Minister of Health for Dilma Rouseff, the 36th president of Brazil. Today, he is well known from his papers, where he discusses various different topics in the medical field. From improving one’s diet to the benefits of caffeine, he uses his knowledge of the human body and his expertise of treatments to suggest alternatives to the way people live. He has especially been in the business of treating chronic back pain in people.
Chronic Back Pain And Its Treatment

There are many different exercises that Dr. Cortes suggests to target back pain. He says that due to the fact that we live in a modern world, we deal with back pain as a result. Back pain can be triggered by bad posture while using our technology, and herniated discs are becoming a common thing for people practicing these posture errors. However, there can be a relief from this pain, as Cortes explains, and that there are specific stretches and exercises that you can use to target this back pain. Without using any type of exercise, he says, it wouldn’t be long before you led a pain filled life.

The exercises he suggests however, may surprise many. He advises that many experiencing this back pain can go swimming to relieve this pain. Swimming is a very good tactic for therapy, and is even used for animals such as race horses for their rehabilitation after injury. Swimming puts the pressure off the body, as the swimmer’s body is being supported by the water, rather than their tired or achy bodies. Many will experience relief very quickly, and swimming can also help strengthen your upper body and even help strengthen your back, building up your muscles so that your back can handle the pressure of walking or other exercises. Dr. Cortes is a well known doctor in the country of Brazil, and thanks to his efforts in the medical field, has been able to help many and may continue for a long time to come.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Shares Medical Advice On Obesity

Sergio Cortez is a Brazilian doctor that is quite well known in the country. Certainly, this brilliant doctor has a multitude of advice that he would like to share with his patients and others that are searching for advice on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The fact is that the number one reason that a large number of people suffer with various health problems is because they are obese. Dr. Cortes realizes that obesity is a growing problem in Brazil too. Dr. Cortes is an expert on the subject of obesity. He is very concerned about the rising obesity rate in certain parts of Brazil.

Obesity Trends
Serigo Cortes is very familiar with the surveys that demonstrated the obesity trends in Brazil. He remarked about the Global Burden of Diseases Study that stated that millions die yearly, due to obesity. Cortes believes that thousands die yearly in Brazil because of complications that are directly caused by chronic obesity. Cortes believes that this is only the beginning. The odds are that the obesity trend will increase over the next few years at a fast pace. Still, there is hope. Steps must be taken to make people more aware of the effect that obesity has on their life.

Obesity Causes
Dr. Sergio Cortes believes that the cause of obesity is generally associated with heredity, eating the wrong foods, and not drinking enough water. He offers this advice too. Avoid going on crazy diets. The crazy diets lead to further health problems. Instead, follow a sensible diet under a doctor’s care.

Sergio Cortes Share Advice On Living Healthy Lifestyle
Always eat a healthy breakfast. The breakfast meal gives you energy to start the day. Avoid drinking too much coffee. Coffee speeds up the heart and leads to digestive problems. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals places the body in starvation mode and storing fat. Sergio Cortes also thinks that it is important for people to get 3 servings of fruit daily. He also believes that people should learn to really chew their food. Chewing helps to digest the food. Avoid sugary drinks and drink several glasses of water per day. Water helps deliver the nutrients to the body and remove toxins.

Dr. Sergio Cortes also realizes that the Internet is filled with a lot of advice on dieting or losing weight. Some of the advice is harmful. Always use due caution following advice online. Avoid those crazy diets too.

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