Chainsmokers, Knowing The Truth

The Chainsmokers are a work of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall who are both fond of the music industry and the creation process involved with coming out with different song types to tantalize the eardrums of those who listen to their recordings frequently. Their inspirational pieces have broke the boundaries that normally made up the constructs of their particular musical style. While other bands stood behind an emotionless seat of DJ beats and no emotional configurations that sold specifically to just the technical side of music, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall did just the opposite and found themselves with millions of dollars because of it. They tour regularly and yearly around the globe just because of one particular day when they met and shook hands in agreement that they both knew what worked and what did not work inside of the expectations set in the musical industry. Their progress has given them wisdom into what to do to allure a crowd and out of that experience they have given sold billions of views concerning their music, especially in one such song known as Sick Boy. Sick Boy is exactly as the name describes it to be, and although it carries a different vibe to it than their other musical passions as a whole it has reached the ears of the masses who are pleased with the wrotk that they put out to the public. It is about the conflicts that one faces within themselves when entering the void of the digital space and trying to open themselves up in that same digital space. The result is possibly severe as they attach way to much into the seriousness of getting likes on Instagram and Facebook because then they in fact not only cut themselves off from the rest of the world but they also get involved in a fake identity while trying to market that fraudulent self to others for likes. This feeds itself in an unhealthy cycle of coping with possibly much deeper issue that need to be resolved hence the name Sick Boy. This is the warning sent to the masses by The Chainsmokers.

Desiree Perez: A Leader in Today’s Music Industry

Desiree Perez, the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation’s music label is listed as a top executive on 2017’s Billboard of Women in Music. The impressive mover and shaker have been a part of the Roc Nation label since 2009. The label is headed by rapper and mogul Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z. Roc Nation continues to propel to unmatched heights with Desiree Perez guiding their publishing and labeling activities.

Ms. Perez and Jay-Z are long-term friends and confidants. The lady behind the music brings her negotiating skill set to every endeavor, delivering milestone successes. The businesswoman piloted several major tour campaigns recently. Some of the most prominent ones include Rihanna’s Anti Tour, Beyonce Knowles’ Formation Stadium tour, and most recently Jay-Z’s 4:44 Tour. All tour initiatives drove in major profits, involving industry monsters like tech brands Samsung and Sprint, as well as athletic brand Puma.

Desiree Perez brings her A game to the bargaining table and takes no prisoners. She is a force to be reckoned with. Ms. Perez stands in as representation for all Roc Nation artists. She also is a vital overseer of the operations sector-driving for maximum profit margins for the label, valued clients, and investors.

The businesswoman is extremely relevant in an industry that is traditionally ran by man. She stays on the forefront of business trends, finding ways to leverage them into the Roc Nation brand. Desiree Perez leads the enterprise with her no-nonsense, astute business acumen. Her focus surrounds the success of Roc Nation as an industry leader. She takes pride in the strides that the company has made and feels great being a part of such a powerful team. Desiree Perez continues to make power moves in the music industry-taking Roc Nation to the top of the charts on a continuous basis.

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The Greyhound Diaries: an Album About Finding America

Everyone knows the old adage, “walk a mile in someone’s shoes,” but it’s easier said than done. The concept is simple enough; try to empathize with your neighbor by walking a mile in his or her shoes. However,understanding where someone is coming from is actually quite difficult. Doug Levitt, an American singer-songwriter,really did walk (or ride) a mile in his neighbor’s shoes. He created a masterful project and album called The Greyhound Diaries after he rode a Greyhound bus all over the country learning about different people and their experiences in America. Doug Levitt eventually found that we’re all looking for likeness in each other, and and for a home in the people we meet along the way.


Levitt rode over 70,000 miles on a Greyhound bus collecting stories, moments, memories, and relationships with his fellow bus passengers. This resulted in two EP albums, as well as a web series, all entitled The Greyhound Diaries. Originally from DC, Levitt used his experience as a CNN news corespondent to perform interviews and get to know people on the road. He said that his upbringing in DC lent itself to his experience on the road, as well as his political mother. Levitt is someone who appears to have many lives, all of which impacted his ability to create The Greyhound Diaries. He was the only Jewish boy in the Gospel Choir at his public high school, and met a very mixed crowd in DC. He was able to use his multifaceted upbringing to bring together his experience on the road, and create a beautiful visual and musical piece of art.