Dr. Mark Holterman: Doctor with Many Skills and Abilities

Dr. Mark Holterman is a Surgeon with a humble beginning. Born and raised in Wisconsin. His parents owned a farm and none of them attended college. He grew up with intellectual capabilities. He attended One of the best Universities in the country, Yale University, the school he really loves. He graduated on top of his class and earned BA degree in biology. He continued his education at the University of Virginia, Medical school and became a pediatric surgeon and medical scientist. Not only that he met and married his wife.


The Great Doctor

Dr. Mark Holterman is a man with many hats. He is a researcher, teacher, and a businessman. He has been in medical field for over two decades. He’s held many positions as a doctor. He serves as the chief executive officer of an investment company known as Mariam Global health and he has helped to find organizations that specialize in regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, oncology and medical devices.

As a teacher, he lectures at the college of medicine, University of Illinois. At the children’s hospital, he practices as a pediatric surgeon. Dr. Mark is very caring and a strong advocate for children.

As a researcher at the University of Illinois, he studies stem cell in addition to using regenerative treatments along with the innovative technology of fighting diabetes and cancer. Dr. Mark co-founded a charitable organization known as The Hannah Sunshine Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to find and help children who suffer from rare chronic sicknesses and give them the opportunity to be treated with regenerative treatments (Releasefact).

Dr. Mark is very compassionate, dedicated and caring. He traveled to Vietnam with his wife and discovered the problems confronting parents and their sick children. He realized the suffering was because of a severe shortage of pediatric hospitals and doctors throughout Vietnam. He met with the chief surgeon at the hospital to discuss the solution to the problem. They decided to combine their efforts in creating a nonprofit organization that could help make pediatric care readily available throughout the region.

One of the organizational goals is to team up with medical professionals in the United States and those in Vietnam to find ways to improve hospital conditions in Vietnam

Dr. Mark has contributed and achieved a lot in the field of medicine. His work has benefited many.