North American Spine: Pioneers in Spinal Pain Management

North American Spine, located in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in minimally invasive spinal care. North American Spine has an 86% success rate and 92% of its patients would recommend their services to someone suffering with back and neck problems. Patients who review North American Spine agree that they are well-respected not only for the quality of treatments, but also for its ethics. If a doctor meeting with a new patient thinks a different treatment, one that they do not offer, would benefit the patient more, he or she will guide the patient to another facility to help. Bottom line, North American Spine just wants to the patient to feel better.

North American Spine works with top physicians in spinal and neck pain management, ensuring their patients receive the best possible care. All of the doctors who work with North American Spine are board certified; some are even double board certified, a rarity in any field. Patients can rest assured knowing they are in the care of the best doctors available in this field.

North American Spine is the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope Procedure. This procedure allows the doctors to treat a number of spinal conditions, such as herniated or bulging discs, pinched nerves, sciatica pains, etc. It’s minimally invasive and takes less than one hour to complete. It uses a very small laser that only treats the tissue it touches. Besides the benefit of avoiding surgery, this procedure also saves patients an average of $23,190 over 5 years because of the subsequent reduction in expenses, including medical visits and medications.

The facility was recently featured on KFOR, an NBC affiliate station in Oklahoma City for their use of the AccuraScope Procedure. The segment featured Joe Berry from Oklahoma and highlighted his personal story. Joe was a firefighter and EMT. He was in constant pain and was taking painkillers all day, every day. His doctor told him surgery (which would require taking one year off from work) was his only option. Joe sought help at North American Spine and decided to undergo the AccuraScope Procedure. Joe was able to walk out of the facility with immediate pain relief.