One Of The Parts Of Summer: EOS Lip Balm

What do EOS lip balms and the summer season have in common? They both scream fun, fruit, and health. Though the summer months are a time when most people choose to travel and enjoy easy living, the hot months can take their toll on lips. See useful content here on

In many parts of the country this year, air quality is a big issue. There are allergens, extreme temperatures, and even thick smoke from wild land forest fires throughout much of the country. Being outside in these conditions for long periods not only dries lips, but makes people forget the wonderful feeling and taste of freshness.

An appropriate lip balm to counter these conditions is EOS Summer Fruit. It is a perfectly balanced blend of strikingly fresh strawberry, blueberry, and peach essences, available at This cocktail rejuvenates the senses. The combination of organic antioxidants including vitamin E, shae butter, and jojoba oil protects against any harsh conditions. This balm is a reminder of how fun, fresh, and healthy summer play time can be.

The EOS lip balm revolution has reinvented the way people take care of their lips. Convenient and fashionable spherical dispensers, and an endless array of novel flavors, are helping people forget about medicinal and boring lip balm types, see remarkable review.  EOS offers incredible lines of seasonal lip balms flavors, as well as, limited edition holiday creations.

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