The Best Drugs For Heartburn

It seems like when it comes to medicine, whenever a medicine cures one thing it damages another. This fact has been proven very true by a recent study that they have been doing on heartburn drugs and heart attacks. These drugs that are called are called proton pump inhibitors. These medications include medication such as Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid. These medications are very popular, and they make about $14 billion a year reports Susan McGalla. About 20% of Americans take these heartburn drugs, and many of them are sold with out a prescription. This data shows that when a person takes these medications their risk of getting a heart attack is raised from 16 to 20% depending on which drugs involved.

These facts are still inconclusive when it comes to the effects of this drug, but it is really disheartening to see the possibilities. Since these drugs are so used and many Americans feel like they need them every day, each and every individual does well to look for alternative ways to prevent heartburn if one is possible. Each and every person is different as to what they will do when it comes to their health, but when it comes to medicine, it seems like quite often it does more harm than good.