Treadmill Injuries

When you hit the gym what is the first machine that you choose? For many, it’s the treadmill. This is because the treadmill provides a large variety of benefits. It’s a great form of a cardio. It’s also a great workout because you can customize your incline, or how fast you want to go.

A lot of people enjoy running, and they head to the treadmill because it’s similar. But, did you know treadmills can actually be deadly? It’s not something many people think about, or want to think about I should say. After all, no matter what machine you use in a gym there is going to be some risks involved. According to The New York Times injuries on the Treadmill are quite common. There were about 24 thousand inujuries in 2014, all of which were associated with that popular machine. The injuries happen for a variety of reasons such as falls. It’s interesting to consider the fact that treadmills beat out trampoline and weight injuries.

Deaths are far less common which is good. There were only about thirty reported ones that took place from 2003 to 2012. That’s an average of about three a year which shows that running on a treadmill is still relatively safe.

Healthy people like Sam Tabar ( know that it all comes down to being responsible and knowing your limits. Don’t force too much exercise if you know you have a problem with breathing or your heart. Also be cautious, don’t start running super fast or trying to show off just because you can. If you follow the rules, and pay attention to your own body you should be safe.