Avaaz has Millions of Voices to Share

Traditionally speaking, democratic parties and organizations are all about seeing one thing happen, and that is permanent social change. The hope is that these changes are worldwide or at least far reaching. The only problem standing in the way is that most oppressed people exist as a minority demographic. And in this circumstance of being outnumbered, these groups tend to isolate themselves instead of networking to start some kind of political momentum. For the many global communities that are in desperate need of cohesion, there is the organization Avaaz (the world in action).

Hearing the collective voice and deciding together in which direction to take action is the modus operandi for this activist community. The key ingredient to the NGO’s (Non-Government Organization) operation is technology. With every leap and bound within the world of technological communication, Avaaz grows stronger and stronger. Starting in 2011, the number of members continues to grow to more than 10,000 in just half a decade. It is all about seeing the forest for the trees. The chance to make a real difference within a nation or state only comes about two or three times a year. However, when you work to change the minds and attitudes of millions of people in more than six continents, there is lots of work every week of the year.

That is where unity and accountability play very distinctive and important roles in the lives of Avaaz members. But most of all, unity is the cornerstone on which all other things rest. That is why the organization operates in more than fifteen different languages with understanding free-flowing between causes. You may never know where your most powerful ally lies in wait to meet you. With this format, the side of justice now has a new weapon against oppression and indignity. And, it is here to stay.

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Integrated Solutions for Patients with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with Allscripts, a leader in healthcare information technology, and Nanthealth Inc. taking healthcare to the next level of personalization, together have devised a new way in which doctors can plan and prepare customized healthcare for cancer patients. Eviti® is a clinical decision support solution accessing clinical workflow in Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records (EHR). This clinical operation system, NantOS, was built with a comprehensive collection of cancer care data, creating a network of treatment options for doctors.
As stated in this article, the Clinical Pathways program ingrates new research, average market costs of delivery, and complimentary therapy solutions to build a structure of information in customized patient care. This method will assist in eliminating the guesswork for doctors inundated with new information and create ease individualizing the care of each patient optimizing their quality of life.
This program allows for greater transparency around patient healthcare and assists in building confidence for the patients towards their desired treatment goals. Bringing information regarding new and improved care protocols right to the doctors creates more time efficient planning and integration of patient care. With up to date guidelines, response rates, adverse drug reaction’s and toxicity studies, each doctor can discuss in greater detail with their patients the best treatment options and find the best solution to the patient’s individual needs safely and effectively.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been providing healthcare to adult patients of cancer since 1988. Their national network of five hospitals combine the newest advancements in cancer treatment with individualized patient care.
Their mission is to restore hope and healing to each patient through innovation, respect, and compassion. Working with the patients to heal not just their bodies, but also their hearts and minds through their dedication and devotion to lifelong healing.

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Jeffry Schneider – The Vibrant Personality Leading Ascendant Capital, LLC

Personally, Jeffry Schneider is an athlete with a knack for eating delicious and healthy food. His athleticism has seen him compete in major running contests including several marathons and the iron man race. He is also a passionate explorer who hopes to travel the whole world over his lifetime; he has already traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and South America.


Jeffry Schneider is also a generous philanthropist who helps fund several organizations including Cherokee Home for Children, God Loves We Deliver, and the Gazelle Foundation. He is also a firm believer in protecting the environment and wildlife that depends on it the most.


Jeffry Schneider’s professional life is just as vibrant as his personality. He is the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC and a fast-rising name in alternative investments circles.


Jeffry Schneider’s Professional Life

Jeffry Schneider has a long history in the financial industry. He has worked for some of the industry’s giants including Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. He has also worked with prominent investors such as Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. It is this collective experience working with the best that motivated Jeffry Schneider to begin and grow Ascendant Capital, LLC.


Ascendant Capital, LLC is an investment company that raises funds for emerging and established alternative asset fund sponsors. It provides a wide range of sales, marketing, education, and operational services. Its client base is also diverse as it includes private banks, family offices, broker dealers, and registered investment advisors. What’s more, its clients come from all over the globe.


Alternative Investments the Way to Go

Jeffry Schneider believes that the volatility witnessed in the market today is threatening the stability of conventional investments. To this end, Ascendant Capital, LLC has prioritized alternative investments and reaped greatly from the returns thereof.


Schneider has grown Ascendant Capital, LLC to a major company which has raised over $1 billion for its clients to date. It is also setting its aim higher as it plans to raise over $50 million each month this year. This target is not unreachable as the company already has thousands of family offices, over 250 advisors, more than 50 broker dealers, and several private banks in its clientele base.

Sunny Plumbing: Innovator, Skillful, & Contemporary

Have you ever heard of a company named “Sunny Plumbing?” Do you live in the Tucson, Arizona Area? Are you in need of plumbing service? These are all good questions to ask, especially if you’re someone who’s in need of plumbing services. Water damage can be a nightmare if left unchecked. You can literally be enhancing the negative effects if from procrastination. By the time the issue is resolved, you can be literally out of thousands of dollars. Sunny Plumbing is one of the leading plumbing servers in Arizona. This company stands out because it offers so much more than it’s competitors such as affordable pricing, garbage disposal repair, leaky pipes, frozen pipes, water heater, remodel plumbing, drain cleaning, leak detection, video inspections, sewer lines, and many more.

Got an emergency situation? No problem! Sunny Plumbing is willing, ready, and capable of handling the toughest of situations in the shortest amount of time. The entire company works together as a team. This is how business should be done even if it’s a weekday or on the weekend. 24/7 Support with some of the fastest acting service. The company has a large customer base whom all had positive results from service. Many customers have stated that (Sunny) provides the area with top of the line resolutions while others have raved about the professionalism, ethics, and fast service. Where else can you find plumbing services like this?

Plumbing is a huge component of any business or home and if issues “pop up,” the home or business will basically shut down and become less productive. It’s not rocket science especially if you’re practical. Not having running water or toilet services can be frustrating. Sunny Plumbing personifies innovation and skill in a contemporary society.


Chris Burch – Leading Visionary on Tech Fashion Trends of The Future

Chris Burch is more than just a successful designer, as he is also a leading visionary on all of the future fashion and technology trends of the future. He seems to have his mind set on pointing out the advances in the field of technology. One article references some of the many current advances in the combination of technology and fashion, referencing some great new ideas.


One idea referenced in the article is a airbag bike helmet which is designed to look like a scarf. It’s a fashion innovation which was created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin which is a better alternative to a traditional bike helmet. Traditional bike helmets are difficult to wear, so this alternative is designed to reduce the impact to a woman’s hair while still providing the same protection.


Another example of the combination of fashion and technology is that of recycling bicycle inner tubes to make shirts. This removes waste from the landfills, and re-purposes it for something more useful. Also included in the discussion of intelligent use of landfill wastes is a large gown from radiator copper. Top fashion designers and other technologists combined their skills and insights together in order to produce a great application of technology.


Christopher Burch is an investor in addition to being a designer. He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is based in New York City. He has spent his career pursing industrial design and disrupting traditional industries. He has invested in VitaminWater, and developed a hotel in Buenos Aires called the Faena Hotel+Universe. This was a $100 Million investment designed to re-invest in the hotel and turn it into a five star property.


His origins are much humbler: he built a career while still a student at Ithaca College. He started his path to success by selling sweaters door to door, at which he was able to successfully expand this small operation to a $140 Million global business. This success expanded to a fashion label with his wife, and finally an apparel company. All of his successes have built on one another, at which point he was able to successfully build and grow his career.

Sports Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, or AHBE for short, has decided to pursue a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company, who they are at odds with because of a contract breach made by their former general manager Danny Ferry. The AHBE reports that they were the victims of “Wrongful Termination” and “Workplace Torts”, as well as other things and that is what they were supposed to be covered for. They had a buyout agreement in 2012 which the insurance company refused to pay, which ultimately led to the creation of the lawsuit. According to the article “Former Hawks ownership sues insurance company over Ferry Settlement”, it states that “The lawsuit is also seeking an additional 50 percent penalty of the unpaid loss and attorney’s fees and costs.”

A man by the name of Bruce Levenson used to retain ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. He came to an agreement with several investors to buy the rights to the team for 850 million dollars. This price reflects on just how well the sorts economy is doing right now. Originally. Levenson bought the team for 250 million in 2004. The team went on to win 60 games, which was a new record and became one of the best teams in the eastern United States. Check out brucelevenson.com and wikipedia.org for more info on Mr. Levenson.



Joseph Bismark of QI Group Talks the Daily Grind.

If you work in the field of big business then you no doubt know what it is like to feel the daily grind wear down on you day after day. Career business workers feel all of the stresses that big decisions, long hours, and short nights sleep can leave on a person and they no doubt wish it wasn’t the case. That’s why we were surprised to see the life of Joseph Bismark, founding director over at QI Group, and how he manages to fend off stress while handling a ton of duties. Bismark landed an interview with asPire Magazine, as reported on Reuters, where he dished out what makes his day to day grind so unique.

When Joseph Bismark was just nine years old he lived the life of a monk in the mountains of the Philippines. It is here where we assume that Bismark got a large part of what makes his life so special. The quiet simmering strength and spiritual backbone that Bismark uses in his day to day routine had to have come from his upbringing. However, this simple way of life was not what he wanted from the world. Instead Bismark launched into a career of marketing at QI Group and here he is spreading those similar vibes.

A day in the life of Joseph Bismark will likely start on a Yoga mat. Thanks in large part to his upbringing, Bismark has fallen in life with the art of Yoga and what it does for both his body and his mind. Yoga is a contemplative art form that subtly pushes the body in new ways, incorporating mindfulness and wellness all at once. Bismark is a Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. He teaches students while also operating as a student himself, always yearning for more. He practices his different Yoga forms by listening to a pre-recorded selection of chants and mantras that help him to hone in on his thoughts.

When he isn’t working himself on the Yoga mat, Bismark is training his brain. Bismark believes that a busy mind is a sharp one and that if you don’t constantly push your brain it will become dull. So Bismark plays scientifically geared games on the website Luminosity for at least 15 minutes every day. These games keep his mind sharp and busy while also allowing him to lower his stress and anxiety.

Vijay Eswaran: The Epitome of the American Dream, Taken to Asia

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran would grow up to become an incredibly successful man, the envy of most everyone. As a child, he moved around his country of birth a lot due to his father’s job with the governmental Labor Ministry. He eventually went to England and graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in 1984. After that, he stayed in Europe for about a year and traveled around the continent working a variety of jobs, such as driving a cab in London, picking grapes at a vineyard in France, and working construction in Belgium.

After his stint in Europe, Eswaran moved to the United States, where he earned a Masters of Business Administration from Southern Illinois University. After earning his Masters, he became involved in multilevel marketing. While he was interested in this field, he did not pay too much attention to it until he moved back to Malaysia a few years later. At that time, he was approached by a company known as Cosway Group to start a company in the Philippines. Vijay Eswaran is a well known businessman and executive.

Since Eswaran had left his job in the United States, he decided to take the offer to start up a multilevel marketing company in the Philippines. Eventually that small Asian startup grew into a huge business with a presence worldwide. This small company turned huge business is known as the QI Group. Eswaran still serves as its executive chairman and the company has headquarters in four counties, with a presence in several other countries via smaller companies under its charge. Vijay Eswaran’s Twitter is linked here.

Aside from being an incredibly successful businessman, Eswaran is also an accomplished speaker and a prolific author. He has written three books, one of which gives insight into his personal philosophies regarding business and management. He has also developed a well-known program known as the Thought of the Day program, which gives people an inspirational thought each day to ponder.

Vijay Eswaran is a man who virtually everyone aspires to be. From humble beginnings in a small Asian country to studying in Europe and America to starting and overseeing an incredibly successful and world-renowned business, Eswaran is certainly the epitome of an accomplished person. With his good work ethic and smart business principles, Eswaran is sure to continue doing great things, both for the world and for himself.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is a vital area of business if a company wants to stay in business over the long term. There are many different ways in which a poor finance structure can affect the growth and profitability of a business. At the end of the day, the goal of a business is to be as profitable as possible in order to grow over the long term. There are many companies that have not been able to grow as fast as they could have otherwise because of a lack of financial planning. Brian Bonar is one of the biggest names in the world of corporate finance. He has been involved in several different companies at the highest level, and he knows what it takes in order for a business to succeed over the long term. There are many people that seek his advice on the subject of corporate finance. Here are several ways that any company can improve its corporate finance structure in order to position itself better for the long term.

Invest in the Future

There are many companies that only invest to meet short term needs or goals. The best corporate finance strategies take in to account the long term goals of the business and plan based off of that as a starting point. There are many different people that have been able to make huge strides in their companies by taking on this approach. Whenever a person wants to turn their company in to one of the best in the industry, they must shift their focus from what is needed now to what will be needed in the future. Brian Bonar is a great example of a business leader that has been able to do this in his time in the industry. There were many times that he knew large changes were on the horizon with various industries that he was in, and in order to stay in business he would need to invest in his company to be prepared for the changes.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the most influential people in the world of corporate finance today. There are few people that have been able to succeed at such a high level over the long term in this area. With his various degrees of experience in the different industries he has worked in, Brian Bonar has been able to develop a skill set that few people can rival in the world of business. Take a look at his MG2 profile here.

Anyone that is looking to change their corporate finance structure in order to align with long term goals should look up the work of Brian Bonar. This is one of the most important areas for any business and should be treated as such. Brian Bonar was written about by Modern Luxury here.

Eric Pulier Changed The Way IT Sciences Developed

It takes a lot of determination and confidence to see your ideas through, and that is something Eric Pulier did from a very young age. When he was just in grade school Pulier began programming computers, something that companies like Computer Sciences Corporation was built on. IT services and computer programming are one of the largest growing industries in the world with every new business requiring the services that these companies can provide.

One of the things that Pulier realized from a very young age is that there are so many applications for the IT sciences, which is why computer sciences appeal to so many individuals. When you are able to coordinate information in a responsible and usable way, you can run any type of business that you have in mind, and this is something that Computer Sciences Corporation understands and is able to provide to its clients. From cyber security to mobile applications, a business like this is able to help you secure and best make your data available to the people that need to use it on a daily basis. Check out this PDF on Marshall.usc.edu further profiling the CEO.

Eric Pulier did a lot to develop computer sciences from a very young age, with his first business started when he was only in high school. While computer programming was a huge part of what he was interested in, it was only a part of his interests. Most notably was the group he started, known as, People Doing Things, which aimed to improve the human condition through the development and use of technology. This group went on to solve a lot of world issues, including things that had been a problem in the medical and healthcare fields. Later in his career he has been a part of larger and more global initiatives that include the Clinton Global Initiative and the XPrize Foundation. Pulier has also been involved in many charitable organizations, including helping to create a couple of his very own that assist children with chronic illness. Writing for TheCrimson is also one of his pet projects.

Big data and cloud services are always in demand and both of these areas are able to be handled by a great IT company.