Troy McQuagge: The Award Winning CEO of USHEALTH Group


Troy McQuagge is an excellent businessman and leader who is being recognized across all sectors. He has known for him an immense dedication to his company and the employees therein. The company that Troy McQuagge leads is USHEALTH Group, and he is known to be one of the ablest leaders that the business has ever seen. Troy McQuagge has lots of experience working in the field of finance and insurance and applying that valuable knowledge; he has been able to lead USHEALTH Group in a direction that is favorable for their growth and development. McQuagge has become one of the company’s most valuable assets, which has contributed to the large increase in profits that the firm has seen in recent times.

USHEALTH Group is known to be a leader in the health insurance sector. Over the years, the company has managed to keep up with the times to continuously offer superior quality services to the people coming to them. Troy has implemented all that he has learned through the years, and helped the company prosper and reach the high status that it retains today. Being extremely business minded, Troy has formulated all the strategies that USHEALTH Group currently uses. He believes that with a firm formulated plan in mind, any company can make it big and be successful. Click Here for More .

Because of the tremendous contribution that Troy McQuagge has made to the company, he has received an incredible amount of praise and recognition. Earlier this year, Troy McQuagge was the recipient of the CEO of the Year award for his outstanding work for USHEALTH and his contribution to the field of finance and insurance. The award was presented to him by Planet One Awards, a prestigious institution that gives recognition to people who have stood out in their fields and made it big therein.

Troy has always been a team player and believes that his employees are the reason the company has prospered. During his acceptance speech at the inauguration, he mentioned that the original recipients of this prestigious award should be the employees of USHEALTH Group who work tirelessly day in and day out to offer their clients only the best. In his acceptance speech, he mentioned how humbled he was to be on the receiving end of this award and stated his plans to take the company one step further to be bigger than it has ever been.

In the past, Troy McQuagge has won numerous other awards, being such a hard worker. In 2016, he won the Most Innovative CEO of the Year which was given to him by CEO World Awards. He has also won awards for the growth and profits that USHEALTH has seen since he took over as the CEO of the company. for more .