Walking is Good for Your Health

The average person that works in an office probably does not get that much exercise. The fact is that we live in a sedentary society. We drive to work or commute to work on public transportation. We spend almost the entire day behind a desk. Most office workers rarely leave their desk. Some think that standing up and stretching for a minute might help to improve their health. However, a study by the University of Utah School of Medicine was performed on sedentary workers. The study discovered that even 2 minutes of walking improved their health. More information here.

Exercise is great for our health. To find out what Bruce Levenson thinks of the issue you can contact him through his personal website. Most health experts agree that people should try to get a certain amount of exercise daily. However, the findings show that vigorous exercise is not all that great. Certainly, the idea of vigorous exercising is very distressing to some people. The good news is that even a small amount of exercise seems to improve the overall health of the individual. The study revealed that even a small change would make a big difference in health and general well-being. Most people would probably gravitate more toward a few minutes walking instead of trying to run a marathon or jogging several miles.