Why More Companies are Offering Treadmill Desks

The term treadmill desks is still a relatively new concept that is beginning to pop up in companies all over the country. The idea of a treadmill desk is to keep workers active while they are getting their jobs done. This rise in popularity has become huge because of the need and desire to become more active and healthy. Sitting at a desk for eight hours every single day is not good for the muscles or bones, and so more companies are implementing treadmill desks to keep their workers constantly moving throughout the day. There are a lot of reasons why treadmill desks are becoming a whole lot more popular throughout the corporate world.

For one, it can help to lower insurance and health insurance costs for companies because of the fact that they are improving the health of their workers. Christian Broda knows that many companies are even using this technique to get tax credits at the end of the year where their company is concerned. Another benefit to treadmill desks is that it can provide their staff with a healthier and more active work environment that they might not be able to get at home. Many workers who are getting these types of jobs are able to ditch the gym after or before work because they are exercising right while they’re on the job. It’s definitely something that is growing in popularity no matter what company you’re looking at.