10 Phone Hacks and Inspiration


If you want to give your iPhone new meaning and importance in your life, you need to check out Wengie’s 10 DIY Phone Hacks That You Should Try. This bubbly YouTube sensation uses simple everyday objects in two types of phone hacks: the phone and its accessories.


To start, she gives the phone a macro lens using a bead of water. She also turns the camera into a black light with some tape and colored pens. So simple! The sixth hack is even cooler. Wengie makes a plastic pyramid and uses it to turn her phone into a 3D hologram projector and it looks amazingly futuristic. Number ten, however, is a bit more old school. She resourcefully puts together a glass jar, oil, water, food coloring, and with her phone turns it all into a lava lamp. If you have ever wished you had a projector, but thought them to be too expensive you should check out number nine. Wengie demonstrates how you only need a cardboard box, a magnifying glass and some play-doh to turn your phone into a projector. If you prefer to watch things on your phone she shows how you can make it more comfortable, using an empty toilet roll for a stand and a pair of party cups for speakers.


The other type of creative hacks are related to the phone accessories. Wengie explains in the second hack how, if her fingers get sticky she uses an old pen and a sponge to easily make a stylus to keep her phone clean. Number three is a DIY exercise armband, which looks a lot more fashionable than anything on the market and Wengie vouches for it so you know it is good. She continues her video by cleverly getting all those cords under control. She uses a pen and hair blower to turn the charger cord into the cutest curl, and then she stops the cords from falling down on the floor with a Lego figure. Who knew the claw-shaped hands of Lego figures fits the Apple products perfectly? Wengie’s YouTube channel is inspirational and easy life hack gold.


Wengie’s life hack recommendations

Wengie reviews 10 life hacks including how one can remove lint from a garment, remove keys from a key ring, a solution to forgetting things when departing from your home, guarding against your personal information from getting into a third parties hands, keep documents in tact when traveling, guarding against a leak in your trash can, going right to your preferred setting when showering, keeping your breakfast cereal intact, and remember what items are needed to restock one’s refrigerator. If garments are worn with lint, Wengie suggests utilizing a razor to slowly pass over the garment to remove the excess lint. Many times keys are added and removed from a key ring. The process of removing keys becomes simpler by taking a staple remover, pulling apart the ring, and adding or removing the keys as applicable. Morning can be hectic when trying to get to your destination in a timely manner, yet by stacking items in one spot, everything will be made available to grab prior to departure. Identification theft is rising so one will want to ensure personal information is masked. Wengie recommends scribbling numbers and letters on top of your initial note to keep information out of those that may want to use it for deceptive purposes.


Traveling has challenges when attempting to transport documents in luggage. In order to prevent paperwork from getting torn or wrinkled, Wengie noted to use a piece of cardboard in a zip lock bag to keep your items straight. Taking out garbage comes with challenges when liquids are added. Simply place newspaper in the bottom of a garbage bag so that the liquids are sopped up. If garbage bags are not staying secured, use the hooks on the garbage bag to connect to adhesive hooks that can be placed on the side of the trash can. Showers can be challenging to find a perfect temperature setting. Yet, if one marks the faucet with a white board marker with the setting that is comfortable, then this issue will be solved each time one enters the shower. Breakfast cereal can break down as the box gets emptied creating crumbs. Use a colander to sift out the crumbs to maintain full cereal flakes to enjoy. Grocery shopping can be a chore, yet by taking a picture with your cell phone of the belongings in the refrigerator one will know what is needed to replenish the supply.


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