Why Run?

Running is a must. Let’s start out with that. But if you’re looking for more reasons to do it, let this very incomplete but important list of benefits help to inspire you:

1. You’ll look great.

2. You’ll  feel great.  Don’t believe in runners high? Well the NYTimes does. Let that convince you.

3.  You can EAT. All those extra calories to be enjoyed after a long run are one of the best things to look forward to.

4. It clears your mind. There’s no better way to take time for yourself and let the mind roam free.

5. You’ll stay young.

6. The toughness you endure through hard runs will absolutely translate to more success with other endeavors in life.  One must suffer in order to prosper.

I’ll add to this list and could sit here all day, but plenty of the blog posts to come will touch up on other reasons to make this a REGULAR part of your life.

Plenty of awesome runners online have inspired me through forums and their own sites. Now it’s my turn. I hope to inspire you here!


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